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Pretty Valerie was eight months knocked-up when she posed under sunny skies for this preggo set. "I love the feeling when my guy cums inside me and when I went off birth control, one of his little swimmers connected with his partner!" Valerie said. "I loved being pregnant. My hormones were out of control. So I enjoyed showing myself off in pictures." The pregnancy debate rages on as usual year after year. It's nothing new. Some guys love it. Some hate it. Some are indifferent. In 2008, we did a poll about pregnant models. 34% loved them, 9% liked them, 39% hated them and 17% didn't care as long as she has big tits. The results are probably the same five years later. We get more letters and emails for pregnant and lactating girls than against photographing them. But since the right girls, like Bailey Santanna and Shyla Shy, are hard to find, and a lot of girls don't want to be photographed pregnant, we don't film a lot of them. Society tells us that it's wrong for pregnant women to pose nude or fuck on-camera and this gets ingrained in their heads. But this attitude is slowly changing for the better, if only in a few countries.
"I love sex...can't get enough of it. I'm usually the one who's making the moves on my boyfriend and not the other way around," said Valerie. "I like lots of foreplay with him licking, sucking and fingering me till I cum, then me sucking his cock till he's begging to do me. I like to take it slow when we're screwing, trying all sorts of positions and taking little no-move breaks so we can drag it out. I only cum once during fucking, but I totally lose control and get loud and dirty. My guy loves it!"
"I was eight months along when I posed" said Valerie. "If all goes the way it's supposed to, I'll have a son by the time I'm in NN. I want him to be a big, strong guy and go into the Air Force like his dad-that's if he can't become an NFL (football) player. I was just gonna pose for tame shots of my tummy and titties for the family album, but my guy really got into it with his camera, and being an exhibitionist, I didn't need any encouragement to keep going and get dirty. It's so thrilling to be able to share them with NN guys around the world."

Naughty Neighbors January 2009
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