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Valeria talked about sex and boobs in Spanish. We listened and translated. "I rub cream on them at night. That keeps them soft. I sleep flat on my belly even though my tits are so big. The most sensitive part of my boobs is the nipples. My nipples get hard from touching, more than from sucking. Men always ask me, 'When did they start to grow and is there any silicone in them?' No! There is not! No scalpel has ever touched my breasts! Guys always want to put their cocks between my tetas and squirt their hot cream all over them. So that is usually how my dates end. It doesn't excite me physically but it does excite me emotionally. Sometimes their aim is bad and their hot cream hits me in the face instead of on my tits. I can see it coming. I like sex three times a week. I don't like sex in cars, theaters or on the beach. It's uncomfortable. Most guys who want to have sex in their cars are hiding something at home, like a wife! But I like sex in public places sometimes. It's kinky to think someone could be watching. I was asked to make porn films but I have not yet. I enjoyed being photographed and looking at the photos was exciting. I love my boobs and I love living in Buenos Aires. It is the most erotic city in the world. The people are very sexy, all the time."
Date of birth: January 7th Hometown: Buenos Aires, Argentina Height: 5'6" Weight: 137 lbs. Measurements: 46-34-46 Bra size: 42E Occupation: Student Recreation: Going shopping What should a guy do when you're in bed? Give me nice foreplay. Have you ever gone out with a guy who didn't care about big tits? No, they all like big tits.
It's been over two years since Valeria's modeled for Voluptuous. But when we got an email from one of our photographers about her, we told him to go ahead after he sent in some test shots. We also sent him some magazines and asked him to chat with her with a tape recorder for a while before the shoot. "I like nice foreplay before I have sex," Valeria said. "I like sex in the afternoon and at night, but not in the morning. Some of my girlfriends say they are hornier in the morning but I think they just have more energy in the morning. My nipples are very sensitive and even simple touching makes them very hard. Most guys will stick their cocks between my tits at some point before they put it in my pussy. It just happens. But I like to have my tits fucked. My favorite postion is from behind, doggie-style. Feels good. I've never had an orgasm from nipple play but I did once speak to a girl who said she did. The most unusual place I've had sex was at school in an empty classroom. We locked the door and had sex on the instructor's desk. No, it wasn't with a teacher. When a guy tells me what to do in bed, I do not always follow his directions. I like a mutual way of lovemaking. I don't like very bossy, nasty guys who order me around in bed. Put your leg here! Do this! Do that! I can understand that if the man is professionally photographing me but not during sex. I like an easygoing man who is relaxed and casual and likes to seduce and charm. When I don't have a boyfriend, I will masturbate, usually with a dildo. I prefer dildos like the one in my photos and, yes, I buy them myself." Thanks for the info, Valeria!
Born January 7, the second of two newcomers this month, Valeria is a proud resident of Buenos Aries, Argentina, which she calls the greatest and most sophisticated city in the world. Valeria measures 46-34-46, stands 5'6" and weighs 137 lbs. Her bra size is a massive 42E. Her hobbies are drawing and painting. Valeria's favorite travel spot is "Bariloche in the south of Argentina, a resort in the Andes mountains." After this photo shoot, Valeria answered some questions over lunch.
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