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Tyler Banks
2002 was a great year and 2003 brought another wave of superstars. So many fantastic ladies passed through the door of XL Girls from 2003 to 2006 that it's not possible to list all of them. Miranda was a rare Italian import living in the States at the time. Mama mia! The curvy, hot-blooded Mediterranean was looking to make it big. In contrast, 38-J cupper Scarlett Webb of Atlanta, Georgia called herself "Busty Belle of the South." Voluptuous readers and SCORELAND members voted her the Plumper of the Year 2005 beating superstars Deja, Devin Taylor, Samantha and Eden. Redheaded Maria Verbeck was another rarity, a citizen of Denmark discovered by a European contributor. "My friends are okay with me being an XL Girl as long as I'm okay with it, and I am. It's my decision anyway. My real friends all respect my right to do as I please, as I also respect their rights. I had imagined what it would be like and it was even more fun than I had thought." Maria never modeled for any other studio. Cherry Brady, of course, became a superstar from the word go. A subscriber to V-mag, redheaded Cherry brought tremendous enthusiasm and a positive, happy attitude every time she visited. Her body is perfect and she advocated against women getting breast reductions. She wrote the script for the DVD Ultimate Cherry Brady and tangled with Annie Swanson, Brandy Talore and Angela White in our only wrestling DVD The Busty Ladies of Oil Wrestling ("B.L.O.W.").
Tyler Banks
Did you ever get in trouble for showing too much cleavage in school? Tyler: Yes, several times but I think the principal liked looking at my tits. Did you play sports in school? Tyler: Yes I played softball. Did your male teachers treat you any differently because you're busty? Tyler: I'm not sure, but I did have to stay after class quite often. Do you know how much your boobs weigh? Tyler: I would guess 20 pounds. What position do you usually sleep in? Tyler: I always sleep on my stomach.
Tyler Banks
Height: 5'11'' Weight: 185 pounds measurements: 42-36-40 bra size: 42F areola diameter: 3" dress size: 16 shoe size: 10 Birthday July 16. Hometown: Las Vegas Occupation: Media Relations Director Hobbies: Motorcycling and snowboarding When did your breasts begin to develop? Tyler: When I was 10 years old. How old were you when they reached their current size? Tyler:I was 20 years old. Were you the bustiest girl in school? Tyler: Oh, yes, by far! I had the biggest boobs of all my classmates. Did your classmates treat you any differently because of your breast size? Tyler: I got a lot of attention from the boys, of course. Did jealous girls ever say anything about your breasts? Tyler: Yes, they called me "Miss Top Heavy" in school.
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