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Tia Imea
Tia Imea was a self-employed art gallery owner when she sent her at-home snaps to The SCORE Group. Tia wanted to model and chose XL Girls. Tia's time modeling was very short and was basically a fling, a way to satisfy a fantasy she had wanted to fulfill and cross off her list. We at XL Girls are happy to be used for this kind of purpose! "Getting a man off in bed is what gets me off. There is nothing like this feeling and the sight of seeing his cock spurt his juice because of what I did to him and how excited he gets by looking at me," Tia said before she met Anthony for this hot fuck scene. "I have an incredibly high sex drive and if I can't have sex with a partner, I'll masturbate and cum that way. When I meet a guy for the first time I look at his package first then his hands. I want sex as often as I can get it. I'm passive or assertive depending on the guy. Some men are very aggressive, others are laid back. I like confident guys who like to fuck and take charge." It's a shame that Tia didn't model longer! At least she left us with this lusty scene.
Tia Imea
Tia Imea was a one-shot wonder, a phrase we're loathe to use but that was the case. Tia wanted a fling at hot modeling and a chance to try a sex scene with a big porn-dick. Mission accomplished. Then Tia was off to try something else on her "life list." Anthony is blindfolded and sitting on the bed, waiting for Miss Hot Stuff to walk into the bedroom. They met in a chat room and now they're hooking up for the real deal. Tia strolls into the room in a tight top, short skirt and high heels. Pure boner material. She gives off waves of sexual heat. She touches the blindfolded Anthony. "I don't want you to see me. I want you to feel me." Anthony feels Tia's lush and plush body, feels her big boobs and big ass and smells her scent. While he's sucking her pierced nipples, he takes off the blindfold. When he sees her, and examines her body, he goes fucking crazy, slapping her tits and butt, spreading her ass cheeks to look at her pussy. Anthony's bone is in Tia's mouth quickly. Tia is the kind of woman who likes strong, confident men and Anthony tells her what to do, giving her commands and controlling her in every way as he fucks the shit out of her in numerous positions. He, the porn-cock, is the teacher; Tia is the amateur model being taught the game. He spurts his load in her face after a dynamic bang, wipes his cock on her cheek, and tells her to eat his nut-juice. Her face reveals the look of a woman well-fucked. It's a crime that Tia did not continue her modeling at XL Girls.
Tia Imea
Wow! She's a cutie. Meet Tia Imea, 200 juicy pounds of all-woman with 40-HHH hooters. 5'3" Tia says she doesn't like to wear bras. In fact, she says she doesn't like to wear clothes at all if she can help it. Be that as it may, this pretty gal seems to be having a good time here, starting off in clothes and stripping out of them to the photographer's directions. She loves sex, whenever, wherever, and she says she gets off when she gets her bed buddy off. Look for more Tia cumming soon to XL Girls.com.

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