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Taylor Hill
Taylor Hill is always a jackable sight. This is a great shoot. Put her in a French maid's costume and big fuck-me fetish heels, turn her loose in an old American castle and you're ready to dump a few ball bombs on Taylor's boobs or face. But now we're hearing that Taylor is no longer modeling. So enjoy this photo shoot. It might be the last one for XLGirls. We hope not.
Taylor Hill
"I consider myself to be a very lucky girl. Not only can I cum in any position, but I can also cum several times in a row. I also discovered that I get off even more when I know that someone else will be watching. On the first date, I've already made up my mind if I'm going to give a man some pussy from the moment I lay eyes on him. I can tell if he can satisfy me just by looking at him. If he meets my criteria, he could get very lucky on the first date." Last we knew, Taylor was shaking her tits at Pazzazz in Centerville, Ohio. She's worth the trip!
Taylor Hill
"Most guys love to fuck my big tits. I don't think that's why they enjoy it though. I think they love the fact that I can push my tits together and tighten them around their cock. I also think they enjoy watching the head of their dick peek through the top of my titties and poke me in the mouth. I rather enjoy it myself. Then I pull it out of my mouth and let him shoot his big load all over my gigantic tits. When I'm riding reverse cowgirl, not only do I ride hard, but if I bear down on his saddlebags, I can have a heck of a good clitoral orgasm too! I like it when he slides it in slow and I get to watch his huge cock pumping in and out of my tight pussy. That's always a sure fire way to get my juices flowin'! You want me to cum? Lift my legs up over your shoulders and you'll get a cum shower."
Taylor Hill
Favorite style of shoes: "Black cha-cha boots, no laces, right below the knee. But only to bed." Recreation: "Sex. I consider it to be recreational, don't you?" Favorite TV shows: "Who has time to watch TV?" Favorite music group: "TOOL. That was in reference to my favorite musical groups." Favorite magazines: "Believe it or not, I am an avid reader of pornography. I like the articles. Right! So, of course, all SCORE publications apply!" Do guys in your club [Flamingo Show Club, Dayton, Ohio] like to talk about your boobs? "They don't talk about them as much as they talk TO them." Do you like to have your tits fucked? " Yes! I love to have my tits fucked! Do men like to get blow jobs?" Do most models and dancers have the wild sex life we guys assume they do? "In regards to the question concerning models and dancers having wild sex lives, I can guarantee that all of the ones that I sleep with do." What mistakes do men make in bed? "Thinking that women aren't as adventurous as they are."
Taylor Hill
What size bra fits you best? "I wear a 36DD." What brands of bras do you buy? "I normally wear Victoria's Secret or Frederick's of Hollywood." What style of bras do you favor? "Most of the time I like to be comfortable, and I opt to not wear one at all. However, I really like pretty lace bras...with matching panties of course." How many bras do you think you own at one time? "I normally have at least fifteen to twenty bras on hand." Do you like bras that hook in the back or in the front? "I definitely prefer bras that hook in the back. I like to reach around and unhook them myself, so as to tease a bit longer during foreplay." Do you always wear a bra? "No, I don't always wear a bra." What type of sweaters or blouses do you like? "I think that tight ribbed turtleneck sweaters are sexy. As for blouses, I prefer a man's button down white shirt to a blouse any day, with no bra of course." What kind of lingerie do you like to wear? "I love to wear tight corsets that my breasts can just pour over. Stockings that attach to garterbelts are always a nice touch." What kinds of swimsuits to you like to wear at the pool? "When I'm at the pool, I wear a string bikini or a thong. If no one's around, I don't wear anything at all."
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