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Talya Faust
A sweet 18 year-old born August 7th, 1982, Talya says she's going to enlist in the Navy for six years. We felt like blowing our brains out when we heard this. We had to act fast so Talya also did a masturbation and shower scene for our video Voluptuous Xtra #2. She has one of the juiciest pussies we've ever caught on tape. It just glistens. Talya is 142 pounds, stands 5'5" and measures 42-30-34. We guess she'll be wearing a 36E naval bra one of these days. She's a San Antonio, Texas gal, born and bred.
Talya Faust
One of the best new titters of 2001, Talya Faust comes clean in this thrilling shower set that focuses on her mouthwatering tits. But first a bra show is in order. That's a great brassiere she's wearing. A 36Fcup from Fredericks, as you can see by the tag. Look at that. Those puppies need a lot of support and Talya tells us that she wears a bra even when she sleeps. "I want my tits to stay in shape for a long time," she told us. So do we. Here's a gal who doesn't bullshit about the size of her boobs.
Talya Faust
Talya Faust was only 18 and had just graduated from her hometown high school in San Antonio, Texas when she first posed for us. She stood 5'5", weighed 142 lbs., measured 42-30-34 and wore a 36E bra. Not long after this video and several layouts were filmed, she enlisted her tender, sweet, teenage ass in the U.S. Navy. That's right. Miss Faust went off to sea leaving us to swab our own decks. Talya was one of those semi-amateur girl-next-door types who you have to photograph right away because the odds usually guarantee she'll never pose again. This was true in Talya's case. We never heard from her after this. The photographer who found Talya and photographed her used to comb the Midwest looking for girls like this. He had a kind of dirty, horny, older guy personality, and he didn't get the girls dawdling with a lot of clothing photos and long, slow clothing removal. He got them naked immediately and playing with their big tits and spreading and fucking their pussies with toys. This kind of guy, if he doesn't cross the line and actually hit on the girls, can get them into an erotic hot zone of satisfaction that comes through in the pictures because many girls, especially amateurs or newcomers, get off on teasing horny, older guys. You can see it in the faces of nude dancers on stage spreading their wet holes a foot in front of the faces of the ringside seat crowd. Talya was like that in this video, teasing the shit out of this photographer while she was fingering her thickly forested snatch and rubbing her big, fat tits. Talya's first magazine appearance was in the February 2001 Voluptuous, and what surprised me at the time was the lack of enthusiasm by those bushy pussy maniacs who constantly bitch about girls with bald or trimmed pubes--today's standard. They didn't give Talya, her tits and her dense muff the lavish praise she deserved. These days, that same small group goes ape over Vanessa Y.'s Polish hair pie. I mean, just look at that jungle growth Talya cultivated. A professional gardener would charge top dollar to trim that bush. I suppose the Navy made her shave it off during processing.

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