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Skarlett's favorite night spot is the South African themed Barracuda Bar in London. But you know how chicks are. She may like something better tomorrow. Her favorite movie guy is James Bond and her favorite show is America's Next Top Model which is about a bunch of skinny, skanky psychos trying to be fashion models. Skarlett is one of our top models. Just gaze upon those juicy chesticles. Heavy, thick and densely packed with breast meat. This girl must be treasured and worshipped with nipple licking and sucking.
Skarlett was discovered by a longtime Voluptuous photo-man, the discoverer of Linsey Ward, Gemma, Michelle Bond, Curvy Claire and many other British sexbombs. Skarlett is Skarlett is 5'4", 134 lbs., and measures 42-38-36. She wears a 34FF brassiere. She buys them off the rack since she is a student and can't afford to buy them custom made. Look at those impressive titties. If she has a boyfriend, he must spend hours sucking her nipples and rubbing his cock all over them, if he's any kind of man. Skarlett says her male teachers and male classmates don't treat her any differently because she's bustier than any girl in her classes. They must be girly-men!
This new discovery from across the Pond is a 19 year-old London college student. If you guessed her off-campus hobbies as clubbing and dancing, you win. And the prize is this debut photo set of Skarlett showing off her baby-phat jugs and teen pinkee. Skarlett is 5'4", 134 lbs., and measures 42-38-36. Her bra size is 34FF. Skarlett has the kind of face you see in Rennaisance-era paintings, moon-shaped and cherubic. Like most Brit teens, she's had her navel pierced but has left her juicy melons alone. She buys her bras off the rack and dresses to emphasize her cleavage. Her boobs began their odyssey of growth when she was 13 and she was 17 when they hit 34FF. She was the biggest chested girl in her school but she was not treated any differently because she has big tits nor did she get into trouble for dressing too sexy. The only physical education she did in school was trampolining, making her a girl after our own hearts. She doesn't know how much her tits weigh and couldn't give us an estimate. Skarlett is not a virgin. She's had sex in a car in a car park and at a petrol station. She likes to be warmed up with pussy licking. She considers herself good at blowjobs and wishes she were better at anal. The most unusual position she's done is the wheelbarrow, which is the girl supporting herself on her palms and fucked from behind while her partner stands and holds her thighs for support. It's very strenuous and can't be done for too long. She says if she were to do hardcore sex photos, her parents would get really angry so that's out...for the time being!
A well-stuffed bikini knows no national, geographic or cultural differences and that's why Skarlett of Birmingham (England) is wearing one, even though this pictorial was shot in the dead of winter with freezing cold and gloomy gray skies outside the studio. Miss Skarlett K., as this proper young lady calls herself, brought one of the bikinis she wears when she goes to the beach and the pool in the summer. No doubt the males within proximity of Skarlett walking to her blanket or deck chair have to block their boners with a book (or with Voluptuous magazine, in a better world). "I like to emphasize my boobs," says Skarlett who has veiny boobs with very large, pale areolae, the kind of tits prized by a large section of the breast-lovin' population. "When I go out in nice weather, I will wear any top that makes my boobs look smashing." Skarlett rates her sex drive as very high (but not high enough yet to try boy-girl action). "If I am seeing someone, and he always fancies big boobs, he'll want to shag them. My favorite position is doggie. That's not the bext position to play with my boobs, of course, but if we are in front of a mirror, he can see my boobs swaying and dangling. With most guys, that's enough to get them harder and more energetic." As Skarlett's told us before, it usually takes four dates before she'll put out. "I like to see what kind of person he is. If he'll ask me out a fourth time without getting any sex, then I know he has the kind of character I want to know better. He's not going to shag me and then drop me. Then he'll have to pass my sex test to see what kind of lover he is. I like guys who take their time and make sure I cum so I like long shags and lickings." We're positive her bed friends also spend a long time sucking and licking her tits. Who could resist?
Skarlett's favorite position is doggie style. "I like to feel a man's hips thrusting against my bum," Skarlett elaborates. "I like to let a man take charge and this is the most dominant position a man can take, I think. I like to follow a man's directions in bed. I like horny guys who have a lot of stamina." The most unusual position she's tried has been the wheelbarrow, a position that takes great bodily control. Skarlett has had G-spot orgasms. She likes sex best at night. She rates her sex drive as very high compared to other girls. She says that guys inevitably ask if they can fuck her tits. (She does it.) Skarlett guess that it takes about four dates before a guy might get lucky. She won't have sex on the first date even if she's very horny. She's had sex in gas stations, car parks and has made out, but not had sex, in the back of taxis. Her greatest sexual talent is her blowjob. She wishes she were better at anal--it's not one of her favorites. All in all, Skarlett is the kind of girl that makes men glad to be a man.

Voluptuous April 2009
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