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Simone Fox
For the BBW lover in you, Simone Fox fills out your app for face smothering. Tit-fucking Simone requires stamina but once you bust your wad all over her bronzed girls, you will be happy you came. Simone wants to try fucking in a space shuttle. Maybe one day she will realize her dream of zero G floating tits and ass in space although getting a face-full of zero G jizz may not meet NASA guidelines. Simone loves banging and lots of it. She's a big gal with a big appetite for sausage. "If my partner is shy, then I have to step my game up and show him how it's done," says Simone. "I'm sexy! I can't help being a diva. My favorite number is 69! I like intense sex! I think I already tried most of my fantasies." Miss Fox also can boast of having super-wide areolae as large as pancakes. Got any nut butter for her?
Simone Fox
Born in Harlem, New York, living in Atlanta, Georgia, Simone's nick is Thick Fudge. "I like older, mature men," says Simone. "Smooth, charming gentlemen. Good dressers and well-groomed. They know what they're doing and they know where they're going. They know how to treat a lady like a lady deserves." Simone has a very kinky side. She enjoys dominating men. Her huge, smothering tits have engulfed many a face. "I can be aggressive if I need to be. Some of the men I know are shy so I need to step up my game and show them how it's done. I'm sexy! I enjoy being a diva." Simone masturbates "every chance I get. I love stroking that big clit of mine. That always makes my pussy extra wet. I don't need a vibrator or a dildo. Just one finger to stroke!"
Simone Fox
Simone's hobbies are cooking and masturbation. Right away, you know this gal is unique. She doesn't wear panties because says "I like keeping the Kitty Kat free!" She does, of course, wear bras to support her double J flesh-mountains. Not all the time, says Simone. "Sometimes, I'm in that let-it-hang mood without being restricted, like when I'm home or running out to the store." When she meets a guy she's interested in, the first thing she tries to find out is "the size of his dick! I don't know why. I'm a woman. I can't help but want to see it as soon as I can." Simone is a dominant woman. "If a guy is shy, then I have to step my game up and show him how's it's done. I guess I'm a nympho. Well, I'm also a diva. My favorite number is 69. I always want more. But I like a man who's smooth, charming and wants to show me a good time. I like a take-charge man who knows how to accomplish anything he wants." With tits as big as Simone has, every day must be Christmas.
Simone Fox
Born July 20th, Simone Fox is 5'3", weighs 250 lbs., measures 52-38-45 and wears a JJJ brassiere. You have to love a woman built like this who lists her hobbies as masturbation and cooking! Simone lists her fetish as "domination. I love giving spankings." The first time she had sex, "...it was so intense that my partner fucked me off the bed. I ended up flying to the other side of his room, pulling down his lamp and clock-radio. He really popped that cherry! Simone is proud of her stuff. "Everything I wear must show cleavage and some skin," Simone tells XLGirls. "Sexy is my dress code! I'm sexy and I love being a diva. I'm also a nympho, I can't get enough sex. I can be assertive or passive if I choose to be but I prefer to be aggressive and assertive." Sounds like a handful! Who among you can handle a strong woman like Simone?

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