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We head to Mammary Lane for a look back at Sara aka Princess. This amazing little pixie is 4'9", weighed 90 pounds and packed a 32E bra when she was a nude lap dancer at Déją Vu in San Diego, California. She had her nickname tattooed on her belly so in case she got lost, a nice man could take her home. Can you picture this girl as a lap dancer grinding on you? The mind has trouble processing this visual. Sara contacted a TSG contributing photographer and, not surprisingly, his jaw hit the floor when he saw her even though he discovered Heather Michaels, Audra Mitchell and a slew of other popular models. Her tits come close to sticking straight out! "A lot of girls are slow to start but Sara flew right out of the gate. She's got a great personality and she was very confident in front of the camera," our cameraman said at the time. Unfortunately, Sara's career was sadly very short.
Aka Princess, as we can clearly see by the name on her belly. It was not an easy decision to categorize her body frame, which has nothing to do with weight. She sort of crosses all three lines; a Rubenesque girl with Plumperish qualities. This is the blow-out set from XL S.S. #64 . Sara is a lil' pixie with huge tits in proportion to her height (4'9") and weight (90 pounds). Looking a bit taller because of the big fuck-me-daddy shoes, her body measures an impressive 38-24-34. That bra is a 32E! A dancer without any clothing, except footwear, at Deja Vu clubs, "Princess" Sara is a San Diego, California local, who debuted in July 2001 Voluptuous Magazine. She loves fucking her boyfriend any chance she can get, which might have led to a XXX shoot. The only thing was that the V-Mag readers who wrote in about her had mixed comments about seeing pictures of her getting dicked. Dick or no dick, Sara's actually quite a good model if you examine her poses and facial expressions.
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