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Sandra Simms
Two separate Sandra sets are combined in this posting. Now here's a gal who could be a case study in the Journal of Human Lactation. Writes T.W.: I have always been a breast lover since I was a kid and always wanted to be breast-fed by women like Sandra Simms. I dream of cuddling, sucking and kissing their boobs and of suckling their milk when they lactate. I believe many men have these desires also. So now I look on-line for like-minded women who have an interest in being the recipient of my goals. I haven't found anyone yet but I will keep looking. My next step is to actually hire a professional wet-nurse. I have read this is easier in England than in America."
Sandra Simms
Yes, more of big mama Sandra Simms, as in milking mama. Sandra's jugs could feed a nursey, and she could do it double-handed, as these pictures attest. We have studied and researched lactation, often into the wee-wee hours and have uncovered some interesting tit-bits. One in three new fathers in Britain admit to trying their spouse's breast milk. The aptly named Cow & Gate company polled 1,690 men to learn their thoughts about breastfeeding. 74% said they felt included in the mother-infant act of breastfeeding a new baby, and a third of the fathers admitted trying their partner's breast milk. The Head of Scientific Affairs at Cow & Gate, said: "Cow & Gate is encouraged to see that fathers are supporting their partners in the choice to breastfeed as breastfeeding is best for babies and provides many benefits." We'll agree with that.
Sandra Simms
"Fantastic! Sandra Simms! What a body. What a belly. What a beautiful big hairy pussy. And what a pair of superb breasts," praises M., connoisseur of the plumper group. Sandra, a Brit, is one of the stars of Milking Mamas , a video which will be playing on XL Girls in the near future. This set is published in XL Girls (Special #116).
Sandra Simms
This English super-plumper can be seen on video in Milking Mamas , dedicated to lactating, gushing women and the guys who love them. Sandra shot so much milk out in her segment that the set looked like the aftermath of a dairy factory explosion.
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