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Ruth Tyler
Damn, what a hairy motte Ruth has. Licking that seasoned pussy regularly would keep your teeth flossed. With those huge, flesh-filled mombos on a trim body and her attractive kisser, she's one mature hottie a lot of guys could build a cozy domestic nest with. The question is: would you be able to handle her occupation? She claims to have jacked-off over 5,000 men since she became a "massage therapist." What do you say at the end of the day? "How many loads did you release today, dear?" It's one of those male dilemmas every guy faces at least once in his life. But it's worth it because Ruth is the type of woman who'd wait on you hand and...
Ruth Tyler
Here we are in sex-drenched London with Ruth Tyler, a well-proportioned woman of many talents. One of those nimble talents is yanking a dude's fleshpole to explosion. Besides the occasional modeling session, beating men off is Ruth's main occupation in life. She started doing it when she was 17 years-old. Today in Enfield, her clients include businessmen, doctors and other stalwarts of society. Ruth will fist your cock topless, full nude or in the fantasy costume of your choice (assuming she owns it.) No need to bring your own tissues. Ruth has. Nice to have a helping hand sometimes. Look for more Ruth at the end of the week.
Ruth Tyler
When we tell a large breasted woman to go fuck herself, we mean it in the most respectful, courteous, gentlemanly way. With a lot of models, all you have to do is ask for what you want, and chances are they will do it. No askee, no getee. Ruth's been in Voluptuous three times (November '99, December'99 and April '00) and has been published in SCORE once (December '99). We don't much like discussing a model's exact age when they hit the dreaded 3-0 (never, ever mention the fearsome 4-0 if you prize your bollocks). In any event, Ruth is one hell of a busty woman. Ruth is a Massage Therapist by trade and appeared in a Brit tabloid, we believe the Sunday Sport newspaper, in a story about her handicraft. In the UK, this job description often refers to a dexterous lady who uses her sweet fingers to bring you to the zenith of masculine joy. But, friends, do not ask Ruth what her age is before detonation or that heavenly handjob could turn into a death grip. You have been warned. We are experts on the female of the species. Just ask our ex-wives and ex-girlfriends.

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