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Risque Waters
Risque Waters is a very kinky girl. "One of my kinkiest moments was with a guy I tied up for the first time and he introduced me to nipple clamps and hot wax. I introduced him to my whip," said Risque. Whip? Not our thing. But to each, his own. "My sexual fantasy is to have a threesome with another guy and girl and together we tie him up and do what we please to him. We suck his cock, one on his cock and the other on his balls, then we switch. We stop before he explodes. Then we untie him and, taking turns, get fucked in as many positions as we can get into before he cums. Sometimes he cums on our tits, other times he cums in our mouths and we swallow it." Risque masturbates all the time, of course. "I use a vibrator and oils. I believe a sex goddess should be able to get herself off!"
Risque Waters
Jeans, that is. Risque enjoys movies, concerts and anything that's lots of fun. The funniest pick-up line she's ever been handed is "I wanna tap dat ass." The worst thing a man can ever say is "Those are some big ta-tas." Substitute: "That sweater looks very nice on you." Chicks, they love roundabouts. What sexualy satisfies Risque best? "A cock in my pussy." Does she start sex or does she wait for the guy to take charge? "If I waited for a guy, I'd still be a virgin!" How often does she like to get fucked? "About four times a week. If not more!" That says it all! She has no trouble getting lots of offers, not with that bod!
Risque Waters
Risque Waters has an interesting theory about guys. "I believe if a guy has a big ass, he doesn't have a big cock. If he has no ass or a little ass, he has a big cock." We never heard this one before and we've been around the block a few times. Risque weighs 200 lbs. and has 38DDD bazooms. A girl with a hearty appetite for big-ass orgasms, the brunette bra-buster plugs her horny pussy every day and owns a large number of fuck toys. Allow Risque to demonstrate for XLGirls.
Risque Waters
Risque is from Tennessee where the women are women and the men like to screw the shit out of them. But Risque is a big fan of flying solo too when a man isn't around to fuck her. "I use a vibrator and oils. I believe a sex goddess should be able to get herself off. This video pretty much is how I use vibrators at home. I fantasize about me and another girl tying up a guy to a bed, doing what we please to him no matter what he says." Risque has a different opinion about guys and their junk. "I look at a man's ass first before anything else. Here's my theory: If a guy has a big ass, then he doesn't have a big cock. If he has a small ass or no ass, then he has a big cock!" Interesting theory. Risque's Busty Big-Uns measure 38DDD and she's proud of them.

Busty Big-Uns
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