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Rachael Kelly
Racheal is flattered that she received a lot of interest as she is really quite modest about her appearance. She doesn't know why people would want to see her nude and doesn't know what all the fuss is about. She also considers her breasts to be too big, though all of us will immediately disagree, if not bang our heads against the wall. Rachael is one of those fantastic women who don't really want to be photographed, thinking they cannot compete with others. But the truth is, she is exactly the kind of model that we all want to see over and over again, and we want to find others exactly like her. It was a lucky day when she agreed to pose.
Rachael Kelly
Another look at Rachael, who has remained exclusive to us -- for which we are grateful. Although Racheal does not go "hot," (spread pussy and all that juicy stuff) she has such a phenomenal body and sensational tits that you've got to be willing to sacrifice a few things in life. As men, we should be used to sacrifices. Rachael was flattered that she had received some fan mail which was printed with her pictorial in the April'02 Voluptuous Magazine, as she says she is really quite modest about her appearance. She says she doesn't know why guys would want to see her naked and doesn't know what all the fuss is about. She also considers her breasts to be too big. So what do ya think of that?
Rachael Kelly
Rachael makes her XL mag debut in XL (SCORE Special #61) this quarter, fulfilling the hot desires of quite a number of Yankee and Brit fans of this attractive bra-killer. "Rachael Kelly is by far...everything a voluptuous woman should be: sexy and round and plump with a lovely arse and magnificent boobs. In my humble opinion, she is...the best find since Laura Bailey. Please pass on my comments to Rachael and her man as I would really like her to know how much enjoyment she has given me. I can't wait to see more of her perfect body.-Mark, London "Congratulations on another amazing find! Racheal Kelly is unbelievable! Her combination of beauty and body are truly spectacular! She is a dream."-A.M.
Rachael Kelly
Height: 5' 3" Weight: 145 lbs Measurements: 45-30-40 Bra size: 34G British Areolae diameter: 2.5" What brands of bras do you buy? Triumph. What style of bras do you favor? Black lace, rear fastening. Do you always wear a bra? No. What type of tops do you like to wear best? T-shirts. Hometown: Warwick. Occupation: Interior Designer Hobbies: Horse Riding. Favorite past times: Reading Television shows: Friends, X-Files Favorite perfume: Boudoir. Favorite foods: Mexican. Favorite drink: Cinzano and Lemonade. I feel my best features of my body are my boobs. Guys say they love my boobs best. Favorite bedroom positions: Being on top.
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