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When did you start dressing to show off your tits? Princess: I guess when I was about 19 and I didn't have my parents telling me what I could wear outside and what I couldn't wear. My parents are strict Mexican parents. But now I'm on my own. How long does it take a guy to ask you questions about your breasts? Princess: They ask all the time. How long it takes him to ask tells how much he is about me and not just my boobs. It's silly really. They'll ask me how they got so big or they'll ask if they are really mine. Did classmates treat you differently because of your breasts? Princess: A lot of the girls were jealous and the boys? Well, you know what boys are like...
"Senorita" Princess, as she is named at her center of boob-eration, which we will tell you about below, is 5'1/2" tall, weighs 115 pounds, 38-26-36 and proudly wears 34DD brassieres. She was 13 years-old when her tits began to get extra big, compared to other girls her age and they did attact the the attention of male teachers. "A lot of the girls were jealous, and the boys? Well, you know what boys are like." Princess is a dancer at Stevi Secret's Cabaret, 3432 South Central, Phoenix, Arizona, (602-305-8365). Her first Voluptuous magazine was the March, 2005 issue and she has been selling signed copies there, quite proud of her first-ever magazine shoot. These pics were shot by Stevi.
Does anything special excite you and get you horny for sex? Princess: Yes, when the man I am with is impassioned for me. Do you like sex in cars? Princess: Yes, if it is a big, roomy car. What kinky things do you like to do? Princess: To get the man I'm with excited in places where we shouldn't. How important is cock size to you? What size cock do you like? Princess: The size of the man is not always important to me but I think I like medium and thick cocks the best. Has having big boobs opened a lot of doors for you? Princess: Yes, I get to be in your magazine, which I never would have thought possible for me. Voluptuous has also helped me make money as a dancer. Men have come to the club to have me sign the magazine and get dances. Have you ever had an orgasm just from having your breasts handled? Princess: Not by that alone, no, but combined with touching me in other places, it makes me more excited. What are your favorite sexual positions and why? Princess: I like it when we lie together with him entering from behind while he has his arms around me 'cause then his hands are free to touch me in lots of other places. Do men ask you questions about your breasts? What do they ask you? Princess: It's silly, really. Either they'll ask me how I got them so big or they'll ask if they are really mine! Yes, they are real! "Senorita Princess" is a house dancer at Stevi Secrets Cabaret, 3420 South Central, Phoenix, Arizona, USA (602) 305-8365.
Senorita Princess is a house dancer at Stevi Secret's Cabaret in Phoenix, Arizona. "At my club a lot of guys have brought in my first Voluptuous magazine (March '05) for me to sign or they bought one from me. I love how that feels", Princess said. She draws the breast-men that come in for the trouser-wetting lap dances. "Either they'll ask me how I got them so big or they'll ask if they are really mine!"
Princess is a horny huge-boobed house dancer from Phoenix, Arizona.

Voluptuous May 2007
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