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Paige Riley
Like Renee Ross, Paige Riley is a nurse by profession. That's enough to fuel our daydreams. Does she have sex in her nurse's outfit? Fact, is, it wouldn't work with a real uniform. Most modern nurse outfits are like scrubs. She'd have to go to a porn store to buy what we really think a nurse should wear. Paige enjoys dressing hot to show off her bod outside of work. "I only wear a bra when I have to. I love to have my tits free. Bras start to irritate my boobs after a few hours. I like to wear tight, low-cut tops, tank-tops, and short skirts. I also like to wear flip-flops and sunglasses with them." Like many girls here at XLGirls, Paige is sexually assertive. "When I meet a guy, I feel him out and when the time is right, I take full advantage of him. I love sex as often as I can get it. I like rough sex. Having my hair pulled, being spanked and lots of kissing. I like strong, sexually aggressive men who know how to handle me. I think most girls do. A guy doesn't need to be a pretty boy. Most of them are more interested in guys anyway. I like very masculine-looking men who love to treat a girl right."
Paige Riley
You gotta love it when a nurse takes her clothes off. Whether they like it or not, nurses are huge sexual fantasy figures. If you have to have your prostate checked or get a colonoscopy, she's the one you'd rather have in charge. Paige says she dresses hot in everyday life when she's not on duty. "I wear tight low-cut tops and short skirts with sunglasses and flip-flops," says Paige. "I don't see why I shouldn't show off my body while I'm young!" The flip-flops are no good, of course. Besides, they're dangerous. It's been proven through medical surveys that many girls trip over their flip-flops, breaking bones in their legs and feet. Who needs that. Besides, they look like shit. No, we at XLGirls.com recommend proper footware with at least a six-inch heel, like the kind strippers wear on stage while you're feeding them dollars. Paige says she's very sexually assertive. She likes biting, anal play and rough-n-tumble sex. "I want to try a threesome one day. Me, another girl and a guy. He'll take turns fucking us while we kiss and suck each other's nipples. I want to do a 69 with the other girl with me on top while he fucks me from behind. Then we switch. That's hot! Now I just need a guy!"
Paige Riley
Meet newcomer, Paige Riley. In school, she was a cheerleader. Now she's a nurse. Paige likes to shop and spend time by the pool. "I only wear a bra when I have to," Paige says. "I like to hang free and easy. My tits grew like crazy and I'm glad they did because I love them." Paige likes sex and needs lots of it. "I like sexually aggressive men. I like stocky builds, bright eyes and dark hair. I look at a guy's eyes carefully because eyes never lie. I can tell if a guy has dirty intentions or if he's just pretending. Some men are all talk, no action, just like girls. Or maybe he's married or has a girlfriend and is pretending to be single. I like a very hot guy, not a five-minute man. I like passionate kissing, hair-pulling, spanking, anal play and biting...things like that. I want to have a threesome one day with one guy and another girl. I haven't done that yet." Does Paige think she'll do a hot, boy-girl scene for XLGirls one day and act out her fantasies for the guys at home? "I've thought about it. If I do, you'll be the first to get some!" Let's hope that last photograph is a tip-off.

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