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Mikki Laine
This is a new photo set that surprised the veteran editors at SCORE Group. Most girls do not return to nude modeling after a ten year gap. Mikki was a "two-shot" model in the late '90s. Her pictorials appeared in Holiday '98 SCORE and March '99 Voluptuous. Mikki was a New Jersey girl living in Easton, Pennsylvania and was topless dancing at the time. She disappeared almost immediately after posing. Her original photographer received an unexpected phone call from Mikki wanting to model again, ten years later. She was slim-n-moderately stacked 10 years ago. Now she's voluptuously curvy around the hips and belly and quite chubby. Her boobs are much fuller and heavier. And again, after this new pictorial, Mikki quickly dropped out of sight. It's not uncommon for a girl to do that but at least she took the time show us what she looks like today and she played with a vibrator also which she did not do ten years ago. Back then, Mikki Laine only did pink pussy spreading with her fingers.
Mikki Laine
The veterans at The SCORE Group were very surprised when they found out that Mikki Laine was back for a photo shoot. Mikki was a "two-shot" model, her pictorials appearing in March '99 V-Mag and Holiday '98 SCORE. A New Jersey girl living in Easton, Pennsylvania, Mikki unfortunately disappeared almost immediately after posing. At the time, she was topless dancing for a living, showing her tits to strange men. Like us. Then, just a few months ago, her original photographer received an unexpected phone call from Mikki wanting to model again! Whereas she was slim-n-moderately stacked 10 years ago, now she's voluptuously curvy, edging towards a fulsome chubbiness, especially around the hips and belly. When you compare Mikki's '90s photos with this new round, you'll see how well she's fleshed out. It's always nice to be remembered fondly enough to make them want to come back, especially after so long a time. And yet again, after this pictorial, Mikki promptly relocated and dropped out of sight. See you in ten more years, Mikki?
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