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Michelle Louise
Michelle spends a few evenings a week fucking her pussy with a rubber cock. Masturbation night is a special event for her. After a glass of wine, she likes to insert her toy slow after lubing it with Wet or Astroglide. Once in, she'll leave it in and rotate it slowly. She'll then very slowly pull it in and out. When her pussy is stretched enough to speed the motion up, she plug herself faster and turn on her DVD player with her remote. She likes to see long-dicked studs fuck girls built like her. If the tool has a vibrator, like the one in this photo set, Michelle switches it on and vibrates her clit with the head of it. She likes to have an orgasm when the guy is shooting his cum all over the woman.
Michelle Louise
"I'm a total exhibitonist in every way," Michelle says. "Even when I'm alone, I like looking at myself in the mirror. When I'm really hot, and I have no man to satisfy my needs for the night, I'll play by myself. Sometimes I use a large mirror I have in my bedroom. I'll position it so I can see what I'm doing. In this photo series, I acted out a fantasy I had. Except I wasn't alone, of course. My photographer tried hard not to get excited but I could tell by his eyes that he was horny."
Michelle Louise
The best pick-up line Michelle has heard to date was at a pub: "Nice dress. It would better on my bedroom floor." But funny lines do not guarantee anything with Michelle. "I'd rather a man just be himself, be fit and neatly dressed, and well-groomed," Michelle says. "A cocky line is just that at the end of the night, a line. It's how a guy acts. I'm not going home with anyone right away, if I'm not seeing anyone. I like to move slowly and not just jump into bed right away."
Michelle Louise
Michelle's hobbies are sex and shopping. She likes to buy hot clothes to get hotter sex. "I feel the best feature of my body are my eyes but, of course, the guys say they love my boobs the best," says Michelle. "I'm an exhibitionist and that's how I got into modeling the way I do. At night, I like to dress sexy and go to Brown's in London. The funniest line a guy ever said to me there was 'Nice dress, it would look better on my bedroom floor.' It didn't work out that way because I like to get to know a man first before going to bed with him."
Michelle Louise
Michelle is English. She's 42-34-38, weighs 147 pounds, stands 5'4" and wears a 36F-cup. We interviewed her in the UK. What do you like a guy to do to your breasts during sex? Michelle: Pull them, suck them and nibble them. Have you ever used toys during sex? Michelle: I love using toys, even with my partner. How many dates does it take before a guy gets lucky? Michelle: I like to play hard-to-get, so the second date usually, unless I am being a real tease.
Michelle Louise
Michelle Louise used to be a model until she started agenting. Now she gets models jobs in the busy London glamour field. She knows her way with a buzzin' buddy.
Michelle Louise
Michelle Louise puts the gland in England.

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