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Mandy Mason
Some models are very prolific and pose many times over the years before they move on to other things. Others pose only a handful of times. That's the story with Mandy Mason. But what she's done has been very memorable. As she said, she posed as a lark--just to try it and see how she would feel--and for the experience. For most girls, modeling is only a fantasy, something they will never do, ofen because of social, business or family constraints. Or they're just plain chicken. Mandy made it happen by contacting us. And now that she's back working in an everyday job and enjoying her weekends, she can look back and realize that she made XL Men a little happier and made this world a better place to live in by contributing her lovely T&A for our entertainment pleasure.
Mandy Mason
This Mandy Mason video was scheduled for XLGirls.com and then D.P.'s email came in. It's an email most worthy of repeating here on the site. Like we always say, you guys are the ultimate judges of fine girl-flesh, not us. "Mandy Mason! From the first glimpse of your sultry eyes, pouty lips and amazing body in the kitchen set I was hooked. Such an amazingly gorgeous woman just doing a normal day to day thing, getting some stuff from a high-up cupboard. Then noticing being noticed and making the most of it! Teasing us all with your amazing ass and rack slowly getting us all going while you're getting yourself all ready to do yourself in the kitchen (and in the meanwhile forgetting all about what was so important in the cupboard!). You got me early with the shot of you sitting forward on the steps with a "cum for me baby" grin on your face, holding your titties and just egging me on! And I thought that was it. A girl that you see once in a lifetime. But you came back! A shoot on XL Girls, on the couch. And my oh my! Those sultry eyes of yours just don't quit! One hand on your ass, one hand on your cheek just begging me to come hither! Mandy, please continue to grace our world with your gorgeous curvaceous body and your oh so, so sexy cum-hither eyes and lips!" Running Time: 17:31
Mandy Mason
So you've just started dating a Plus-size babe like Mandy and want to buy her something to wear, most likely for yourself so you can unwrap the candy later. Plus-sizes start from 1X and go up from there. But a girl could easily wear a size 22 in one designer, and a 2X in another. Unless you know the exact brand and size from something your girl owns, buying blind is a crapshoot you're unlikely to win. Sorry to say, you're in even more difficult territory when lingerie shopping--especially for bras, like the one Mandy wears so well here. Many well-endowed women purchase custom-made underwear, since stores don't cater to their figures. Another complication is that many women's weight fluctuates greatly. If you happen to get a size off one of her "fat" garments, you may not make her too happy when you present her with a shirt in a size she considers too big! And don't think buying an item too small gets you off the hook. She'll just get insulted and think you wish she weighed less--and we all know that's not true! So why not make it easy on yourself. Buy her a pair of shoes. Check on the inside of one of her favorite pairs for the size and width. Your other option is to take your babe shopping. If you can stand to spend time waiting for her outside of the fitting room, you've then greatly increased the chances of scoring big with her!--Written by Patrice, editrix of XL Girls magazine.
Mandy Mason
"I really believe that more and more women are feeling better about themselves because of magazines and websites like XL Girls. Everyone thinks of Playboy girls with Barbie doll bodies and faces and plastic surgery when they think of models. Now how many women look like that? Naturally? A woman like me, you're going to find us at the drugstore, the supermarket, the department store, the dry cleaner. We are real women and we're proud of our bodies."
Mandy Mason
"Everyone thinks of Playboy girls with Barbie doll bodies and faces and plastic surgery when they think of models," says Mandy Mason, who's 5'1", 150 pounds and measures 42-38-46. "Now how many women look like that? Naturally? A woman like me, you're going to find us at the drugstore, the supermarket, the department store, the dry cleaner. We are real women and we're proud of our bodies." We were glad that Mandy accepted our offer to pose. It proved that she was not ashamed of her body and was happy to let the world see every inch of it. And Mandy was not shy about using toys on camera either. "I own a few vibrators, like most women, and I'm not embarrassed to let people know I use them when I don't have a man around to take care of me!"

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