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Mandi Hart
Starring a mam-morable cast of top-heavy cuties: Aspen, Bozena, Hayden, Mandi Hart, Roxie and Joy Juggs. These are real women. They are the real deal, not phoney, cold-blooded Hollywood porn stars. They have big, real tits and spankable meaty asses and some fine flesh to squeeze and paw. They enjoy sucking stiffies and love to be fucked. You'll see so many smokin' scenes featuring full-figured sex-dolls that you won't be able to watch it in one viewing. Aspen's mouth and throat take every inch of her pork-pal's fuck-stick! In almost no time, sweating Mr. Trousersnake has his cockwurst between Bozena's cans and is pumping it to full hardness! Mr. Control Freak tells naive Roxie that his special technique to quit smoking will work, but it's a scam so he can shoot his fucking load down her thirsty throat! When busty Hayden's huge boobs and sexy face are sprayed with cum, the look in her eyes is beyond intense! Joy Juggs stops doing the laundry to wrap her major milk-missiles around her partner's prick as a warm-up to a banging! Mandi is after her sister's boyfriend. She tricks him into coming over and tells him how much bigger her tits are and how much better she fucks than her sister! The little slut needs cock bad!
Mandi Hart
Construction worker in reality, Mandi fulfills her several years-old fantasy about starring in a horny hump video and pictorial for Voluptuous , a magazine she's read and masturbated over for some time. This scene is now part of Voluptuous Xtra #9 , now on video and on the way in DVD format. There's tit-fucking galore, hard-to-find ball-sucking, cheek-bulging blowjobs and lots of good, hard screwing. Mandi gave 200% and in our book, that warrants a return engagement!
Mandi Hart
Mandi is a real life construction worker in Oklahoma. "I do instrumentation. I work on stainless steel tubing. I spend all day running lines and doing installations. Sometimes I have to wear a harness belt so that makes me look even bigger." She's 5'3", weighs 197 lbs. and measures 44-36-46. Since there are so many tape measures available on a construction site, she must be asked to be measured constantly.
Mandi Hart
Mandi Hart lives in Oklahoma and was in fact and all truth a construction worker. Yes, the toolbelt, the flannel shirt and all that. "I do instrumentation," Mandi told the staff. "I work on stainless steel tubing. I spend all day running lines and doing installations. Sometimes I have to wear a harness belt so that makes me look even bigger. A lot of my male co-workers ask to see my boobies. One guy wanted me to enter a wet tee-shirt contest at a local bar. I've seen guys just stop what they're doing and stare at me as I walk by." But underneath all the work clothing was a voluptuous vixen with voluminous tits eager to try something they don't do in Oklahoma even though her co-workers would be eager to see and jack to. Mandi had seen Voluptuous magazine and said to herself in the mirror one day, "I can do that." Of course, she can. Mandi was very relaxed and natural, as if she had shot porn many times before. "This was the most exciting thing I've ever done in my life," said Mandi after her lipstick decorated the dipstick of big Lee, a pro cocksman. "I used to fantasize and masturbate that I was being photographed having hot sex with a big-dicked guy, but I never thought it would happen. When I would see porno videos, all of the girl were thin blondes with big hair and boob jobs. Then I saw Voluptuous magazine and looked at all the women in it who have bodies like I have. It opened my eyes and made me realize that I could do it too. This was just a fling for me and I loved every second of it." Alas, young Mandi never returned for round two of working on man-meat tubing, to our bitter regret, but at least we have this scene from Voluptuous Xtra 9.

Voluptuous Xtra 9
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