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Luna Mystique
"Once I was a practicing Domme," says Luna Mystique. "I love to go to swing clubs and watch. I guess you can say that I'm an exhibitionistic voyeur. My sexual fantasy is to be in a threesome with two muscular men, one black as ebony, the other white as alabaster. Or an airtight, adding in another male with coffee-colored skin." Does Luna remember her first time? Of course, she does. All chicks do. "I was a late bloomer. I was 18 and it wasn't very romantic in any sense. We were friends out on a camping trip. He'd planned on sleeping under the stars but the universe conspired against him and it began to rain. I opened my tent to him and one thing led to another. I remember thinking his cock was perfectly round and how nice it felt inside. Unfortunately, as it is often with young men, it was over far too soon!"
Luna Mystique
"When I first meet a man, I usually look into his eyes first," Luna Mystique reveals. "There's so much you can tell about that first glance. After that, it's his hands. If he takes care of his hands, I just know he's going to be a good lover. I like confident men who are sure of themselves. Confidence is sexy. Someone who can carry themselves in any situation, who isn't afraid to speak their mind, really turns me on. I truly love smart men. A man should talk to me, not talk to my chest. I like to know that I'm interesting, not just because I have humongous boobs he'd like to play with. I was standing with my friend at a club, wearing a low-cut top, when this guy wandered over and, while staring intently at my tits, said, 'My, you have lovely eyes.' My response was to tilt his chin up with one finger and close my eyes. 'What color are they?' He got the color wrong and my friend told him to get lost. Things might have turned out differently if he had picked the right color."
Luna Mystique
"I love looking at XL magazine," says Luna in her first video for XLGirls.com. "It's good to have supporters. "The women are so round and soft. Kinda like my own tits, round and full. Can't wait to let you see them." Why thank you, Luna. It's nice of you to stick 'em out for XL-Men. Let's see!
Luna Mystique
Luna Mystique: (XL Girls SP #131 ) Please meet and lift up your hands to applaud Luna Mystique, making her first appearance in XLGirls. Born March 14th, Luna lives in central Florida city, Tampa. She's 5' 11", 285 pounds, 56-42-6 and wears a 42K bra. She can also wear a 42GGG bra. Her hair is auburn and her eyes are golden-hazel. Her eyes are up there if you need direction. "In high school, I played volleyball because of my height. I was their center. Now the only thing I manage to catch is football and I'm a hometown girl. Go Buccaneers!" Luna feels that western society through popular culture tries to manipulate and mentally condition girls and women into feeling that thin is best, which can lead to all kinds of psychosomatic problems such as bulimia and anorexia. And she's damned sick of it.

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