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Lucy returns for another bra-shredding romp on the bed, one many have been waiting for. A lingerie and swimwear model, and an actress, a musician, a singer and a dancer, as well as a nude model, Lucy is the kind of strapping fair-skinned redhead (5'9" and 157 lbs.) that guys love. A true Renaissance girl. Those are smothering, sink-into boobs, creamy, milky and soft. The kind of girl that wandering ministrels babble about by babbling brooks in green woods. Consider Lucy nothing less than a Celtic goddess. Picture yourself laying prone on a bed and then her doing a bellyflopping dive right on top of you. That'll cure your stiff back, all right.
Lucy is a fantastic, voluptuously endowed new find. Can you guess what country she's from? If you said England, give yourself a gold star. (Although Ireland and Scotland would have been good answers. We thought she was Irish when we first saw her photos.) Lucy from Enfield has been modeling for five years. Where's she been? Hiding? Only now has she emerged to reveal those mouthwatering titties and that curvy, lush body. And she spreads the pink, too! Way too generously endowed to do that catwalk shit in the fashion world...and their loss is always our gain...Lucy is a reminder that the UK still gives birth to some of the best peaches and creamy girls in the world, even though Poland and the Czech Republic are baring down. The consensus among the breast aficionado is that they hope Lucy continues to model. The last thing they want to see is her vanishing from the scene. Let's hope she's treated well by the studios that photograph her so her experiences remain happy ones. Because tit-lovers will want more of Lucy! Enjoy!
It's been a long time since Lucy's first time in Voluptuous (November '08). But no surprise there. She's a beautiful, stacked redhaired vixen with a very busy schedule and modeling is only a part-time activity for her in London. A trained actress, she also plays piano, sings and dances. A true Renaissance woman with a body that won't quit and sensational naturals. Definitely girlfriend material. She keeps a nice, trimmed bush and keeps her complexion creamy and soft by staying out of the sun and using lots of moisturizer. This pictorial has lots of nice, open spreads and she also played with a toy in a few photos.
One of our cameramen raved about Lucy, an English girl from Enfield who said she's been modeling for five years but only recently has come to the attention of boob hounds in search of fresh busty babes. How Lucy eluded the radar screens for so long is a good question. "Lucy is a great pleasure to shoot," our cameraman told us. "Fun personality, no attitude, very enthusiastic and motivated and she followed instructions well, a quick learner. She has a very voluptuous, curvy figure and a freckled peaches and cream country-girl complexion. Nicely shaped, big tits with prominent areolae and nipples. I was happy to see some well-trimmed bush. I think the guys at home will be very happy with her." Lucy looks like a very confident and assured girl, at least in her photos. "I'm really a shy girl normally but I'm not shy when I pose," Lucy said. "I'm very comfortable naked. My friends have asked me why I don't get nervous being nude or spreading my lips open. I just tell them that it's nothing to be worried or nervous about. If the cameraman and the guys who see my pictures get excited, then I'm doing it right, isn't that so?"
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