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Logan Moss
It's been exactly a year since Logan first modeled. After she posed once, she had her baby and took some time off dancing. This is only her second time posing. We think Logan has big things ahead of her. Hopefully she'll keep the momentum going and keep posing, do some video. "My first time out, I made the cover of Voluptuous . That was a big shock, to see my picture in the store. There are so many great Voluptuous models that I was amazed to have been chosen for the cover, really amazed. Even my friends didn't recognize me. Make-up and hair can really change a girl's appearance."
Logan Moss
Logan may look mature but she's actually only 23. She's 5'4", 158 pounds and normally measures 42-28-36. We say normally because Logan was five months pregnant when these photos were made. Notice how dark the areolae are A St. Louis, Missouri-based dancer, Logan was found by one of our mid-American rovers who knows a good one when he sees her. Chatting her up and persuading her into doing a modeling session was well worth the effort. The editors and art director of Voluptuous magazine thought so too and made her their February'06 cover girl. The photographer was in awe of Logan's hooters and this was a guy who photographed Roberta Smallwood! (Check her out in the XL Girls Model Directory if you don't know the name.) "I've been shooting big tits for 20 years and I was astounded by how heavy they were." Ah, using the old hands as a scale, eh? "They were like two big-ass bowling balls. There's just something about these preggers!" The big question is whether Logan will pose again. We sure hope she does. Logan's way too good to see vanish into the nowheresville of great, forgotten bra-stuffers.
Logan Moss
Lookit that pair. You wouldn't think that Logan is a shy woman. She is. Even though Logan's an exotic dancer, she's reserved. It took a lot of persuasion to get her to pose the first time. Once Logan had her baby, it took months of phone calls and more persuasion to get her to return for another shoot-em-up. Logan was the covergirl of the February '06 issue. She was five months knocked up at the time. Now she's a part-time house dancer again and a full-time MILF. Is she breastfeeding the babe with ample amounts of mommy-milk? Damn straight. The kid's living large. What breast-man would not exchange places? We wanted the complete opposite of Logan's original photos for this edition. She was glammed up inside a house last time. So this time Logan is much more casual and she's outdoors. We'll try to get more of Logan for the future...but no promises or guarantees.

Voluptuous February 2007
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