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Lenka P
"The men in my neighborhood call me Tits Woman," says Lenka, making her way back to XLGirls.com after a long absence. "They are usually single guys who want to fuck me. Sometimes, he might be married looking for an affair. They think because I am single that I am a slut. If they knew I am a nude model, they would go out of their minds. If they knew that I made a sex video [XL Xtra #4] with a man, they would probably hit their heads against the wall in jealousy. Sometimes I get angry when they call me Tits Woman in front of a group or in front of other women. Other times I don't care. They treat their wives like shit anyway." Lenka recalled one of her sex flings that resulted in a life change. "I was at a resort and it was the middle of the day. I went to this man's room when my group went into town. He was after me the minute he saw me. After a couple of days, I relented to his endless advances. I took off my panties and he pushed his hard cock into me. He was good but very down to business, no foreplay or licking my pussy. I noticed that the door was open and his friends were watching us. This should have upset me but odd to say, it excited me. He put his cock into my mouth and came huge amounts of semen. He told me to swallow every drop and I did, while his friends watched. It was at this point that I learned that I liked being watched when I was having sex. And that is why I became a model and porn performer. Regular jobs bore me now. And I have the last laugh."
Lenka P
Lenka has appeared in XL Girls many times. She even worshipped her assigned fuck partner's cock in XL Xtra #4 in a very hot and horny interlude. The complete video scene is available to view in Video Best Sellers as well as being available on DVD. Lenka, like many Czechs, has a happy-go-lucky approach to nudity and sex that is singularly European in outlook. She's eager to follow the cameraman's directions and is proud to show off her body without guilt, shame or remorse and the same goes for riding a man's pork-horn. She really gets into everything yet remains aware of the camera.
Lenka P
Lenka takes a break from being stuffed with cockmeat for another figure study and all the figures add up quite beautifully. Adult modeling may have created a Lady Frankenstein out of Lenka. "Just thinking about being naked in front of a camera gets me so horny. Now when I fuck a man in my private life, I imagine I'm being filmed and many men will pull on their cocks when they see my pussy. Now I think the best sex for me is on camera! Having sex on camera is more exciting to me than having it with a boyfriend. As soon as I'm naked, I start thinking about all the men who will get hard looking at me. It's like having sex with all of them at once!?
Lenka P
Don't ever let any of your dumb-ass friends tell you that heavy chicks can't fuck as good as a slimmer girl. Lenka will herself disprove that belief in this scene from XL Xtra #4 . Part of this DVD was filmed in Europe during our model search for big-boobed hotties. Lenka answered our casting call, psyching up the staff when she said she'd love to do XXX in both video and still pictures. And Lenka turned out to be one of the horniest babes XL Girls has ever photographed. She was riding cock even when breaks were called during the shoot.
Lenka P
Another brassiere-killer from the Czech Republic, a tiny nation that has relentlessly been pumping out the hottest, biggest-chested girls as if the Czech government had switched their main national product from Pilsner beer to breast-meat. Lenka is 23, born September 1, 1981. She's 211 pounds, 46-34-38 and 5'7" tall. Lenka has a wild sex scene with sleazy Mr. Trousersnake in the new DVD XL Xtra #4.

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