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Kountry Gal
And so we come to the last chapter of the DVD Bikini Busters. Sapphire is the girl who went from Voluptuous to XLGirls. Her body progression was documented over time because she's been a yearly guest at our studio. Kitti Campbell is the woman-next-door who coaxed a large amount of ball-bearing fluid out of her bootycall. Ana Andersen is the one-time-only wonder who made one steaming hot video and dropped out of sight. Dusty Rose is the mature, dirty-mouthed bikini killer who loves getting her tits banged repeatedly. And now we close out with the biggest, heaviest XL Girl of this group, Kountry Gal from Tennessee. As we open, Tony Titlover, Sapphire's former stud, is waiting for Kountry Gal to come out of the bathroom. He's asked her to model a string bikini for him. They quibble. She really doesn't want to wear it. But he wants her to. She tells him to close his eyes and not to peek when she comes out. Why do all girls say this? What's closing your eyes for a few seconds going to accomplish? How different is she going to look from one second to the next? Be that as it may, Tony complies and Kountry comes out in a bathrobe which she discards to show her bikini. A sight that must be seen. He's already hard when she gets down on her knees, topless, to suck his cock and balls. Tony gives Kountry practical instructions in oral...the man knows how he likes his cock pleasured...although this porn dude thing about tapping the cock like a hammer...well, we still don't understand it. Anyway, Kountry, like her namesake, is eager to please and does everything he says. After an extended blowjob and tit-fuck, he rams his cock into her pussy like a piston, fucking her in doggie and missionary. And then, in an impressive show of lower-back muscle strength, he fucks her while she squats on him in a kneeling cowgirl position and then in reverse cowgirl. It's one of the most eye-popping fuck scenes in XL Girls history. Kountry is ready for manly moonshine after this epic drilling so Tony taps his keg and the stuff splatters Kountry's mouth and chest. And with this, Bikini Busters draws to a close. We hope you've enjoyed this movie at XLGirls.com and if you have any ideas for future videos involving bikinis, babes and boobs, please send them along to letters@xlgirls.com.
Kountry Gal
Shown here from XL Girls magazine SP #167, Tennessee country gal Kountry Gal loves football and was a high school cheerleader. Her hobby is horseback riding. Her dream car is a 1970 Camaro. Her fantasy is to make it with the guy who delivers her packages. She loves sex and likes it anytime she can get it. Her favorite position is on top. She likes to go on fun, casual dates like an outdoor fair or a race if the weather's good. She also likes staying home puttering around the house with the TV on. One of Kountry Gal's most exciting sexual experiences was doing her scene with Big Cock Tony for Bikini Busters. "That boy had a big dick and gave it to me good," Kountry Gal reminisced with a smile. "I am just a regular girl with down-to-earth interests but I felt like a famous porn star that day. I never ever dreamed I'd be doing this."
Kountry Gal
Kountry Gal says she likes "big-girl sex." What's big-girl sex? "That's when you get a skinny boy and a big girl, and I grab your ass and hold you inside me. I basically use you like a fuck-doll. I like a guy who can keep it up for at least 20 or 30 minutes and fuck me really hard. Don't worry about breaking me. It's not going to happen!" Here Kountry Gal meets the meaty man Tony Bologna. He rises to the occasion and treats Kountry Gal to his packaged meat.

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