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Kore Goddess
That rare redhead, Kore Goddess loves to read, cook, work in her garden, go bike riding and play. She especially loves to play. Play with her meaty pussy and her now giant 38J jugs. She brought along her special instrument for that. If you think of a woman's pussy as a musical instrument, think of her little friend as a tuning tool to keep it wet and horny. Kore has been known to stuff her holes with big, fat toys. Like every chance she can get. She says her sexual fantasies are about everything and anything. Kore has a wild, out-there imagination. And she likes to make that imagination come to life as often as she can. She calls herself a true slut goddess and that's a fact. She loves to watch porn and her favorite movie is Hunter S. Thompson's Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas. Get her drift? And Kore likes a hairy pussy. She has one herself.
Kore Goddess
You saw Kore first in her debut XL Girls video. This pictorial is her first magazine shoot for XL Girls SP #158. Kore takes her modeling name from Greek mythology but she is every inch the modern XL Girl. "When I lie down with a tight bra on, I am over two feet," says Kore. "When I stand up, I am 5'8". I like to cook, read books, party, garden, have sex, take pictures, ride my bicycle, make jewelry, hike in the mountains and by the sea, and have more sex!" She's a real Earth-mother boob goddess. A wild child. A natural nature girl.
Kore Goddess
WOW! Where'd she come from? She calls herself Kore Goddess and we can see why. Those are some impressive and huge hangers. Kore measures 52-34-48! Anytime a girl crosses the 50-inch threshold, she's got special gifts. Kore stands 5'8" and weighs 185 lbs. She stuffs her blouse-melons into 38H brassieres. Now that's what we call a Mamazon. Watch how she easily self-sucks her nipples with smacking sounds of satisfaction. Kore's a wild one. She repeatedly sucks her pussy juices off the dildo she sticks into herself with and she savors the flavors. When a girl calls her pussy a cunt in a video, you know you've got a live one. In fact, Kore calls herself the Goddess of Cunt. She despises conformity and her goal is to rid people of their inhibitions. No wonder Kore is a sexxxy model. Maybe one day she'll fuck and suck man-beef for the XLGirls camera! One can only hope. Running Time: 16:07

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