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Klaudia Kelly
A Special scene courtesy of BootyLiciousMag.com, best in big butts. Klaudia Kelly is one of those white girls built like a brick house who likes to get pounded deep. Cock-crazed and horny, she slobs on this stud like a woman possessed. She slurps and deep throats, moaning appreciatively when his cock gets bigger and bigger in her slutty mouth. Klaudia plops that fat, white ass on his face while she gets his BBC lubed up. She takes his shaft in every position from cowgirl to reverse cowgirl and then doggie. And when he is done plowing her pink taco, Klaudia gets a load all over it. And what does Klaudia do with that nut-paste? She rubs it into her asshole like the dirty girl she is.
Klaudia Kelly
A Special scene courtesy of BootyLiciousMag.com, best in big butts. When Klaudia Kelly was asked what she likes to be called in the bedroom, she said, "I like to be called a little whore." We wouldn't call Klaudia little but we know what she means. Klaudia sucked and fucked this BBC like a champion of porn and she did it with a smile on her face. Klaudia is built for sex and makes it her life. She has big thighs and wide hips for gripping the men who spend quality time between her legs. "My first boyfriend had huge, tasty balls that I loved to suck on," Klaudia remembered and revealed. "One of the kinkiest things I ever did was getting my face blasted with jizz and then going about my normal errands. Getting hot cum blasted all over my face actually satisfies me best. When it comes to girls, I love to get their pussy juices squirted in my face." Klaudia Kelly. So nasty, so great.
Klaudia Kelly
We have told you over and over that Klaudia Kelly might look like a nice girl, but this sex freak is a bad girl through and through. You know the type; you can't take her home to meet your parents but you can take her to the motel to meet your meat. And when Klaudia met our stud Johnny's meat she was more than happy to suck it and fuck it in true bad girl style. Klaudia unleashed her freak skills on his pole, giving him a sloppy and loud blowjob before taking his dick for a test drive. And how does a bad girl finish off a porn stud? By letting him shoot a stream of baby batter into her asshole, that's how. And that's really why we love Klaudia. This big-assed white chick is a cutie pie who loves anal cream pies and we salute that.
Klaudia Kelly
Klaudia Kelly says that her thick legs turn heads wherever she goes, especially when she is in heels. "I am a very curvaceous woman, so I always expect men to stare at my ass and my breasts," she said. "But they always compliment my meaty legs first. When I go out, I like to wear skirts and heels and it never fails to attract legmen. Say what you will about tits and ass, but legs are still sexy! You have to appreciate a guy who appreciates a ripe set of stems," she says with a smile on her face. "Those are the kind of guys who will buy you a beautiful pair of pantyhose and shoes because they enjoy when a woman looks classy. I love to feel glamorous and if a man wants me to dress this way every day, I will do it for him. I don't mind if he wants to smell my feet or lick my legs. I have a few kinky things I am into, so foot fetish and leg kink don't bother me at all," Klaudia confessed. "One of my fetishes is that I love to be cum on. I like cum smeared all over my body. So if a man wants to pop his load on my toes, I love it! I encourage it. I want him to jack off all over my feet so I can play with it and then, when it is drying up, I will let him lick it off of me or show him how I can suck it off of my own toes. I love the salty taste of sperm. I will kiss him afterwards so he can taste his seed on my lips."
Klaudia Kelly
Welcome to BootyLicious, Klaudia! We love your ass!
"I love it, too. My booty is one of my favorite features. I like having it fucked nice and hard by a big dick, too. I have to confess that I am a little bit of a butt slut. I like dick all up in my tight ass."

You sound like you're a bit of a freak and we like that. Tell us what you like about sex.
"I love fucking all day long. My idea of the perfect day would be a day that I can cum at least five or six times, depending on how many partners I have. I also like being cum on. I like to get my face coated in cum, rub it in and then go run errands with spunk on my chin!"

You sound like a no-holds barred kind of girl! Is there anything you haven't tried?
"I haven't been in a gang-bang and I really want to be. It's my ultimate fantasy. I want to be fucked by a whole bunch of different guys in public. I like it when people watch me get nailed. And then I want them all to cum on me at the same time. It would feel really good. Maybe after the fans see my photos they will want to gang-bang me?"

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