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Kitti Campbell
Kitti Campbell was one of the stars of Bikini Busters, a hardcore XLGirls movie that had the girls try on bikinis and hook up with pro studs who get worked up by the sight of big, thick bodies and huge tits in a tiny swimsuit. While it wasn't shot on the beach, it reminded Kitti of her first time. "I was on a beach with a neighbor that I met the day before and we had sex on the beach when it was extremely foggy. I lost my virginity that night." Kitti may have lost her cherry but she made a good trade for an orgasm when the penetrator of her maidenhead popped his nuts. Nothing beats a happy ending. Kitti is a nudist and likes to go to naturist resorts. She enjoys water volleyball there and hanging out with her fellow nudists. "I like guys with athletic builds and minds that are open to sexual variety. I love being submissive. I love eating pussy and using my toys on them. I love to masturbate. I use my magic wand that I call The Beast. It's an electrical clitoral stimulator that I put on my clit while I think about my latest sexual experience. Then I end up squirting several times before I have my final orgasm. I would definitely say that I'm always horny and have a giant sex drive." This pictorial of Kitti was never published. Bikini Busters and Kitti's hot scene can be seen in XL Theater.
Kitti Campbell
Bikini Buster #2 Kitti says "I like to dress conservatively during the day but show enough for guys to want to see more of my giant titties. In private, I like to dress slutty." A bikini isn't really a "slutty" outfit anymore but when a girl has the right kind of body, anything she wears that's remotely sexy gets slutty real fast. And we wouldn't have it any other way. What's so hot about a business suit or an evening gown? Give us string bikinis ready to be ripped to shred by the sheer force of an XL Girl's curves. Kitti is ready to go out as we open this chapter of Bikini Busters. She has dressed accordingly, and shows incredible cleavage. But her pal wants more. He wants her to dress in a skimpy bikini that he's selected. The man is a true boob-dog as are all of us. Kitti thinks she's not going to fit into it but she's willing to give it a try, with a grin. He asks her to take off her bra from the bottom so her tits can just flop out. This is a great sight. Kitti strips down and changes into her pink extreme bikini. Her pal wants to rub oil into her huge tits and she happily obliges. Whoa! Beach plans are quickly abandoned because this dude needs to get sucked off and then he wants to fuck the shit out of Kitti. Screw the beach. Go get her, dude. Drive her hard and park her wet. Kitti doesn't mind not getting sand in her pussy...she prefers man-meat instead, anytime.
Kitti Campbell
Bikini Busters star Kitti says "I like to dress conservatively during the day but show enough for guys to want to see more of my giant titties. In private, I like to dress slutty." How would Kitti describe her personality? "Assertive when I'm on a mission to get laid but passive when I want to be treated like a slut or a bad girl. I'm assertive when I have a girlfriend who wants her bi side to come out. I go real slow and gentle to help her along until I break her out of her shell. Then she's open game for me to dominate. Best of all is sucking yummy hard cocks and swallowing the rewards...drinking every drop."

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