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Kimmy Nipples
If you saw Kimmy Nipples at a coffee bar or having lunch outside a building, what would you do? Would you approach her? What would you say? "A lot of guys are reluctant to talk to me. I think they feel that if I were to agree to go out with them, that their friends would give them a hard time. I think society makes it rough on the bigger girls like me. Everything in magazines and on TV makes a big deal out of the skinny supermodels. They neglect girls with bodies like mine." Not at XL Girls, Kimmy. You're our idealized woman.
Kimmy Nipples
You pull up to the house and knock on the door. A fellow opens it. "Hello Mr. Nipples," you say. "I'm here to pick up Kimmy...to go bowling?" He stares at you and says, "You fuck my daughter, I'll kill you. No one will find your body parts." Yes, XL Guys, meet again and greet again Miss Kimmy Nipples, one of XL Girls newer and more than sensational superbra-busters (XL Girls Magazine SP #73) . Look at those beauties! "I loved my first layout in XLGirls mag," says Kimmy. "I still look at it all the time. Would I model again for you guys? Of course. You guys really treat the girls so nice. Other websites write about the girls like they're dirt. Like whores. If I ever meet anyone built like me, and with boobs like mine, I'd recommend her to you guys in a heartbeat." Enjoy this 64 image set.
Kimmy Nipples
You pull up to the house and knock on the door. A fellow opens it. "Hello Mr. Nipples," you say. "I'm here to pick up Kimmy...for the movie?" He stares at you and says, "You fuck my daughter, I'll kill you. No one will find your body." Yes, XL Guys, meet and greet Kimmy Nipples from XL Girls Magazine (SP #73) . A mammarable name. Kimmy's not related to Joy Juggs but she should be. Born December 21, 1978 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Kimmy has matured into a creamy blue-eyed blonde measuring 5'6", weighing 153 cock-bending pounds, measuring 44-29-39. "I wear a 36EE bra," Kimmy says. "A size 7 shoe and a size 12 dress." She has an interesting background. "My kinkiest sexual encounter was the time I let my boyfriend use a cucumber on me. My sexual fantasy is to get Robert Downey Jr. addicted to my boobs instead of drugs. He can suck my nipples. I've had sex with another girl three times in my life, but only when I worked in a strip bar. The manager was going to fire me if I didn't." What the hell is going on in Philadelphia? "I masturbate four times a week. I was born horny," Kimmy wants us to know. She'll be back again. Don't worry.

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