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Kellie Garnett
"I thought men might have had an ulterior motive when they started talking to me," explained Kellie Garnett, a lovely and naturally sexy young lady. She is not--repeat not--a professional adult entertainer, by the way, thank god. "But I didn't really know. I was only about 16 when they started noticing me, in the street as well. They would pick me up in the street, start talking to me, in the summer when I just had little tops on and things like that. All of a sudden, all these guys were just talking to me. I think I realized it was these things popping out all over the place, that drew them in a bit." Don't they know it's impolite to talk to a girl when you've got a boner that will just not go down? This video is part of the DVD Stacked & Packed #6.
Kellie Garnett
Kellie Garnett is the kind of woman every king of tits can relate to: naturally busty, large areolae, sexy body, hot dresser, sweet bum, shapely legs and between those legs, a full garden. She has a happy-to-be-here, chatty personality like the many British stars who have stepped through our doors (such as Susie Wilden, Denise Davies, Samantha Sanders and Jessica Turner). She is the British woman next door with large tits and a cheery personality. "I sent my pictures in via e-mail and I didn't think I would get a response but I've been reading SCORE and Voluptuous for years," said Kellie. That's right, Kellie's a female reader. "I thought I might as well give it a go. They're natural so I gave it a go. I thought I could show off and be as good as those girls that are in there, so why not? The girls in the magazines are just so beautiful. I didn't think I was as high quality as they are. I didn't think I'd get in, but I did and I'm very happy." We liked Kellie so much that immediately after getting her e-mail with her test photos, we sent her a plane ticket to Florida. She has always liked attention from the opposite sex and dresses to draw male eyeballs. As a secretary in an office, Kellie would dress to look sophisticated yet ultra-sexy. "Some girls would wear a little top and have nothing there whereas I could wear really tight tops, really low cut tops and they would look really, really good." In this SCORE Video, check out Kellie on the set. It opens with Kellie in the make-up chair greeting the camera as she gets ready for her day of fun. She's so comfortable and relaxed, you'd think she was posing in her home. We have the impression that she poses for pictures in her bedroom. There is a relaxed playfulness about her. You'll see a fast-paced variety of outfit changes, lots of breast playing and some wild camera angles. She loved her time modeling and we loved having her. If a boob-man had a girl like Kellie at home, he would never leave the house! And that's the truth from us!

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Voluptuous August 2005
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Stacked & Packed 6
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