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Kayla Maze
"I know some women don't like to give blow jobs or they'll just do it because their man expects them to, but I really like it," Kayla Maze said. "It's fun to start when the guy's dick is not really hard yet because then I get to feel it swell up and get hard in my mouth. That way I know I'm doing him really good. Hearing him moan and feeling his dick wiggle around in my mouth turns me on and makes my pussy wet. Shit, I'm getting wet just thinking about it. If he hasn't already, I like a man to eat my pussy. It really impresses me a lot if a man knows how to eat my pussy. If he's doing it right, I'll cum pretty quickly. If he's really doing it right, I'll cum over and over and end up pushing his head away because my pussy has gotten super-sensitive and I can't take anymore."
Kayla Maze
"A woman seems to instinctively know how to kiss," said Kayla Maze in an exclusive XLGirls titty-chat. "How hard and just how to do it right. It's kind of hard to explain. Some men know how also, but they are more rare. Women are usually better at it. The same goes for everything else. Women have boobs so we know how to play with boobs, what really feels good. Now, each woman is different, so you have to try different things and see what your partner likes best, but, women seem to tune in and catch on to their lover's needs a lot quicker. It's the same when it comes to playing with and eating a woman's pussy. We have pussies so we know what feels good. At least what feels good to us. If it feels good to me, chances are good it feels good to another woman, too. So I eat a woman's pussy the way I like mine to be eaten and it usually works out great!"
Kayla Maze
Kayla Maze is an exciting new XL Girl and an example of the best girls we aim to bring you, the XLGirls.com member. Born October 28, Kayla is 5'2"; and 195 pounds. Her measurements are 46-39-50 and her cup size is 38DDD. She has very large, smooth areolae. She contacted XL Girls after her bosom buddy Lovely Libra recommended us to her after Libra spent several days making videos and photos. (Libra is one of the stars of the DVD Big Girl Sex School.) One of our editors spoke to Kayla in the studio and left impressed by this package of pulchritude. "If I go to the trouble of doing my hair and makeup and picking out just the right outfit, I expect people to check me out," Kayla told Gary Phillips. "Dolling up makes me feel good, but I'm not doing it just for me. I want to be appreciated. But there's really a difference in how men can compliment a woman. 'Hey, nice tits!' is more like what a rude guy would yell to you but 'Your boobs look really great' sounds more to me what a nice guy trying to pay me a compliment would say to me, and he would say it to me, not yell it. It's all in the delivery."

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