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Jennie Louise
Jennie Louise is a caregiver at home in the UK. Modeling starkers, when she has the time, is a way for Jennie to blow off some steam. You see, her job is stressful. "I work in a care home where the people are seniors," says Jennie. "Most of them are very nice. A few of the chaps are horny, fresh old blokes who forget themselves and are always reaching out to squeeze my boobs or pinch my arse. They can't control themselves. When that happens, I have to firmly try to set them straight, in an appropriate way, of course! They laugh like little boys that were caught stealing cookies. But it's not easy. They're always asking me to get my tits out or show them my bits. Thank goodness, it's only a few. I wouldn't be able to do this if all the men were this way. I can't even tell some of the comments they mutter! But it does make my job stressful and it's stressful enough just with the seniors who behave properly. When I have the chance to model, I feel that it relieves the pressure of my job and helps me to loosen up and feel sexy. It's time for myself and I enjoy seeing the pictures. I'd like to pose more but I just don't have the time. Maybe one day."
Jennie Louise
In this scene from the DVD Humpin' Plumpers, Jennie Louise took to Marino's Johnson like a kitten takes to heavy cream. Marino treats Jennie to a cunt-licking to wet her up good before sliding his sausage into her for a machine-like thrusting. Our favorite scene in this video is Jennie sitting on his cock while her gigantic tits hang, swing and jiggle. She was pretty hot stuff in her first and only XXX and showed a real love for the cock. We believe she has the biggest tits Marino's ever had, and he's banged Susie Wilden, Calle and many other bust-out girls from our studio. Running Time: 14:06
Jennie Louise
Jennie Louise loses her photo-virginity and the dude poppin' her camera-ready cherry is none other than Marino aka Super Mario. If you're a veteran of '90s SCORE and Voluptuous, you'll remember Marino as the guy who fucked many, many big-titted models, and more recently, got his cock into Susie Wilden's ass in Ultimate Susie Wilden. "He guided me each step of the way," said Jennie. "He knows everything about rude photos. I had not one idea about what to do. I simply obeyed his instructions and enjoyed it!"
Jennie Louise
Jennie Louise is a first-timer from Swansea, Wales. "I'll meet a guy and start dating and we'll have sex and then in a few months, he'll try to get me to lose weight and do this or that. And then he'll stop calling because I won't do as he says," says Jennie Louise . "I prefer a bloke who will like me and accept me as I am without any conditions." Jennie Louise is 5'9", 223 lbs., measures 52-46-56 and blows out a size 40J brassiere. "I'm quite happy with my body."
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