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South America is a rich source of huge boobed, curvy, fleshy ladies. Not really Brazil, although we have found a few great ones there. It's Paraguay and Argentina that have been fertile plains. Jazmin comes our way from a regular correspondent with an eye for tits. Many girls reject his offers but happily Jazmin was not one of them. "Jazmin is absolutely gorgeous. I love everything about her and I hope you feature lots more of her," requests regular XL Girls and V-Man E.B. Another Boob Brother, D.J., says "There's something about that South American girl, Jazmin, that makes my cock get harder than it ever has before. I can look at her and beat my meat three or four times a day. You have prettier models, you have models with bigger boobs and better bodies, but Jazmin's young and somewhat innocent look is very sexy and makes me wish I had a girl like her to slowly undress and have all kinds of sex with. We would leave each other completely exhausted. It's easy to see that you guys really do try to give us a good mix of women from all over the world." We try, D.J., we try.
Jazmin is a fellow countrywoman of Romina Lopez and Paola Rios. Jazmin doesn't know those two great girls from Paraguay but she sure is stacked. Born Sept. 21, Jazmin is 5'3" tall, 138 lbs., measures 42-28-34 and wears a 36E bra. Like Romina and Paola, Jazmin goes to college. After college, Jazmin plans to work in business, maybe insurance or real estate. We were able to persuade Jazmin to show us her big, fat titties. She made us even happier when she spread her legs open. We took another pictorial of Jazmin before we parted company just in case she decides to pull a fast one and vanish.
"Red is my favorite color and when I wear it I feel very sexy and I get very horny," Jazmin said. In that case, it was a good color to wear taking sexy pictures with a photographer. "The men that I know all realize that if they see me wearing red, I want sex. This was never a plan or anything I thought about. I noticed that when I wanted sex, I was wearing something red. I don't know if red makes me horny, or if I wear red because I am already horny, but it works every time." There is some science behind Jazmin's observations but we'll save it for another time. Jazmin says every man she's ever been with has wanted more of her than just the pleasure of her company. "My girlfriends bitch about guys who just fuck them and move on once they have gotten what they wanted," she said. "But that has never happened to me. Guys always fall in love with me and ask me to marry them. I'm not ready for that. My mother wants me to get married right away. I told her I need to experience more of life before I settle down." Jazmin was discovered by an Argentinian photographer who found her by accident. He also found Loli, who did a beautifully nasty bathroom layout in November '07 V-Mag. We haven't heard from the guy in a while. Perhaps he was smothered by someone's heavy boobs.
Jazmin is a fellow Paraguayan countrywoman of Romina Lopez and Paola Rios. That's one hell of a country for big-tits! Born Sept. 21, Jazmin is 5'3" tall, 138 lbs., measures 42-28-34 and wears a 36E bra. Modeling is a stop-over for Jazmin, who goes to college and plans to work in insurance or real estate. She'll be writing a lot of policies no doubt, especially if she wears low-cut tight tops.

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