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Jaden Suede
If there was a strip club with a girl like Jaden Suede available in the VIP Room, a lot of guys would be there! But we don't think that's very likely. It's brutal finding strip clubs with Voluptuous Girls or XLGirls. If they did exist, we'd send our scouts there! Jaden says she likes "Genuinely funny guys who are responsible and supportive yet still a kid at the same time. Someone who likes adventurous dates, not the same old movie/dinner. Like going to a theme park or a sex club. I like a guy who will stand up for me." Jaden likes to dress very '80s. She is a girl who enjoys showing her stuff and enjoys it when men admire her bod. "I like to wear stockings, G-strings, boyshorts, mini-skirts, platform shoes, baby-doll T-shirts and dark glasses. I usually always wear a bra. I love when my tits feel constricted." And what gets Jaden's pussy off and makes her cum? "I like having my ass eaten and being fucked very hard with a dildo. I am 60% passive, 40% assertive. I usually masturbate before bed to calm my nerves. It's like having a glass of warm milk. My sexual fantasy is to be with two men at the same time." On film? "No, I'm too chicken. I'm scared about doing that. Fucking is too personal. I'm impressed by the girls who can do that."
Jaden Suede
"I'm very much a girly-girl and I love to dress cute and primp myself," Jaden Suede says. "I always do my hair and put effort into my appearance. No one likes a sloppy, frumpy girl. I get pedicures and manicures and try my best to dress sexy and wear things that flatter my body. I also like to keep my pussy nice and shaved. I have a little patch of hair at the top, but other than that I always keep it super smooth. I'll admit it. I'm a flirt. And I'm a confident woman who likes to expose a bit of cleavage. I think that's why I've never had trouble finding a date. Guys always come up to me and compliment me, and it makes me feel good. I'm comfortable with my body and for that reason I think I'm very open when it comes to sex. A girl can't get into hook-up thinking she knows everything. Every guy is different and likes their dick sucked different ways. I tell him to guide me, and I do my best to follow his instructions. If a guy has trouble telling me, he can use his hand on my head to guide me a little. I can do lots of things with my mouth and throat, but it doesn't mean much if the guy doesn't tell me which of those things to do. As long as we communicate, he'll have a great time."
Jaden Suede
Do you remember Jaden Suede? Wrong question! The proper question is, you haven't forgotten Jaden Suede, have you? Jaden was the college student studying firefighting and working as a nail technician. Her first photos were published in XLGirls SP176. Jaden's hobbies are modeling, painting and chatting on the Net. Jaden loves toys, especially how strap-ons look. You show her a picture of a voluptuously endowed girl wearing a strap-on and she gets hot. She says her kinkiest sexual moment was "bent over a bathroom counter during Thanksgving dinner." We'd guess that Jaden was the bird and her friend was the stuffer. In this XLGirls video, Jaden shows us how she gets her cookies off. "I usually masturbate before bed to calm my nerves," Jaden reveals. "It's like having a class of warm milk." So for Jaden, toying her pussy is both a stress-buster and a relaxing way to get to sleep. We asked Jaden how she dresses when she goes out since she has such a traffic-stopping body. "Usually '80's stockings, platform shoes and mini-skirts," she says. "A babydoll T-shirt and Stunna shades." And what satisfies her most of all?" Having my ass eaten and being fucked hard by a dildo," Jaden replies. She's a girl who knows what she likes.
Jaden Suede
Meet Jaden Suede, a college student for career reasons and a nail technician for extra money. Jaden lives in Tampa Bay, Florida, which, for some reason is an area where we have found many other XL Girls. A lot of them live in the area. Interesting, isn't it? Jaden likes to paint and spend time on the Net. She likes to watch extreme fighters beat the pulp out of each other. She says the first time she had sex, it was part of a game called "Just The Tip." Many of you have played this game before. And what satisfies Jaden best in bed? Here's her answer and we're quoting her. "Having my ass eaten and being fucked hard by a dildo," Jaden says. She likes drunk sex and courteous men. Her favorite scent is not perfume but "a man's smell, even after a day at the gym." Must be those pheromones men give off.

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