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Hana Cekova
Cleanliness is a great virtue at XL Girls, which is why we throw in these bath-tub sets every so often. To be completely blunt, we actually do not like bath-tub shoots. In almost every case, the girl's twat is covered or obscured by suds or is submerged underwater unless she's sitting on the edge of the tub. We believe that many photographers include one because they want to do something easy, especially if he's shooting in a hotel room. In reality it's not easy because there's not much space for the photographer to maneuver in, let alone set up his lights, unless he's got some sprawling bathroom set. Give us a bed anytime and good spreads.
Hana Cekova
Several people, including your editors here, think that Hana could pass for Annie Swanson's sister (or at least a cousin). She's definitely a hottie, this Czech hairdresser. Hana's 21, born August 21, 1981, stands 5'1", weighs 126 lbs. and measures 42-28-38. So as a hairstylist with a good following, it could be that Hana will shoot a few spreads and then vanish into hooter history. It's happened before. "I do well and do not need money from to be a model," Hana says. "Because I model this way, men think I am free with my body and they can have me for sex. No, is not true. I am not seeing anyone right now. I just work at shop and go home to rest." That's a good girl, Hana. Don't let the filthy men pollute your precious body with their vileness.
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