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Gemma Field
The first four years of XL Girls presented girls who also appeared in Voluptuous magazine, such as Eve Tyler and Laura Bailey, often in a section called "Plumper of the Month." The popularity of Plumper of the Month led to the idea of a spin-off magazine that only featured larger ladies. But would it sell? There were no magazines that focused entirely on them. Reader feedback and the fraternal nature of the guys hot for this kind of girl (as the editor of XL Girls magazine put it) was a powerful motivating force in publishing the first issue as a special edition. As the years moved on, we began to seek out models specifically for XL Girls.
Gemma Field
Now here's Gemma who could write her own ticket here at XLGirls.com but she rarely models, and we do mean rarely. That's why this pictorial has so many pictures! An English model, Gemma has only modeled for The SCORE Group. She'd done it as a lark and has never seemed to be interested in building a modeling career. The T&A Man's loss, for sure. She keeps a low profile, but there's a funny story about Gemma that appeared in one of the British tabloids several years ago. According to the reporter of the article, one of the actors from the TV show EastEnders apparently saw Gemma's pictures and went ga-ga, becoming obsessed. He sent her numerous emails trying to persuade her to pose for a topless calendar and managed to communicate with her in a chat room. He tried to hook up with her, phoning numerous times for days and even knocked on her door wanting a threesome with Gemma and a boyfriend, all to no avail. Guess being a famous actor is still no guarantee of sexcess.
Gemma Field
It's been close to four years since Gemma posed. Welcome back, Gemma! Better later than not at all. She's trimmed down since her first modeling sessions but her extra-large breasts look to be about the same size. No complaints from us. Gemma has a regular job and we really thought we'd never see her again. By coincidence, a fan of hers wrote in recently inquiring about Gemma. Absence actually does make the heart grow fonder. "Where is Gemma Field? The voluptuous Gemma Field would be a prime candidate for an XL Girls or Voluptuous spread, so to speak. After her short term in the mag a few years back, she ought to be a more mature figure by now in the mold of Laura Bailey. Nonetheless, since I'm in love and lust with Gemma, I'd like to hear more about her. Thanks.-R.H."
Gemma Field
On this day in history, April 15th, 1963, Japan's new Bullet Train broke all speed records, which is nothing compared to the velocity of the wads you'll be shooting over Gemma Field. The big and beautiful Gemma of the U.K. snuck out of class to pose for this new pictorial. Wasn't that nice of her? Anything for boobmen. Little do her schoolmates and teachers know, their star pupil is making the world a better place. "I can't say for sure how long I will model," says Gemma. "As soon as I graduate, I shall have to find a position." Of course, that's not the kind of position most of you are thinking about. As for Gemma, she likes to be on top. Like most broads of any age.
Gemma Field
Birthday: April 14, 1982. Height: 5'8". Weight: 158 lbs. Measurements: 46-30-38. Bra Size: 40E. Lives: Farnham, Surrey, UK. Occupation: "Up until I learned about Voluptuous and XL Girls Magazines, I didn't think that any magazine buyers and web site members were interested in big girls like me! At all! I thought they only liked slender females. I don't have a proper job right now, since I'm at university, studying for my degree. Maybe the next time I pose I'll be employed!" Damn! Look at those tits! Following in the humongous bra cups of Laura Bailey, Lou Lou, Debi Lee and Amy Clifford, now that the down-home girl Gemma has created a men's pants half-off sale by posing in the buff, what's the Brit blockbuster's next order of business? Saying hello to her university mates, of course."I want to say hi to all my friends at the flat, can I do that?" Well, sure. Of course, we wanted to know a little bit about those flat-mates, including whether or not Gemma has any particular male friends she wanted to say a special 'Hello' to. Take note, UK members, Gemma is a single lass, although how long that'll last we can't say.

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