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Eve Tyler
No, Eve's not going to the ball in that fancy gown. She's going for the balls and she's going to take off that annoying dress in just a few pictures. Says Andy, "After seeing Eve Tyler, I just had to write you people and say congratulations, you have done it again! Eve Tyler is the hottest, sexiest and most beautiful babe to come along in awhile. Once again, congratulations on a job well done!"
Eve Tyler
Today we've picked an Eve Tyler letter to XL out of the hat and it turned out to be a doozy. But we're going to publish it anyway. All we can say is that there are always a few guys popping up who think we're a singles club. We're not. Not the last time we checked anyway. "I would like to see more pictures of Eve Tyler. Eve is the most beautiful lady in the U.S.A. Please write me to let me know what upcoming magazines Eve Tyler will appear in. I demand more photos of Eve Tyler. Eve Tyler has the best body I have ever seen. My dream is to have hot sex with Eve Tyler. Please, when will she appear again? I need Eve Tyler, please. Please put her in your next issue. Call me at xxx-xxxx or xxx-xxxx (area code xxx). Yours truly, M."
Eve Tyler
We're mighty pleased to give the cover honors to Eve, a Beantown Boston big 'un who flew into Miami and spent a few days showing us her stuff. Some comments from those who saw Eve's original digital measuring shoot on XL Girls.com and her magazine debut: "Eve Tyler is a new favorite, for sure." "The star of the show is Eve Tyler. I think she is just stunning. I saw her in the last XL Special and was ecstatic when I saw her in the magazine. She is just so hot! (Slurp!) Give her another pictorial real soon."
Eve Tyler
Height: 5'4" Weight: 150 pounds Measures: 40-33-41 Bra size: 36F Favorite brands of bras: Fredericks of Hollywood How many brands of bras do you own at one time?: 10 to 15. Interests: movies, music, hypnotism Where do we find 'em? We scour the world, that's how. Eve Tyler's hometown is Rosendale, Massachusetts. It took some schedule juggling over several months but we finally lured her to XL Headquarters.
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