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Dolly likes playing games. Not head games, but game-games. She likes playing cards and will often head to a casino or card room for poker or bridge. She owns a Playstation and will spend hours on it. And Dolly says she likes the old-fashioned board games on a rainy Sunday afternoon with a glass of Pilsner Urquell beer at her elbow. (The jury's not back but some studies have shown that beer drinking might help boob growth.) Born in Germany, Dolly's lived in the Czech Republic for a long time and loves it there. Dolly had never modeled or shown her tits before she came across XLGirls and BeASCOREModel.com. She decided to give it a go and contacted us. A quick hop over to London and before you could say "drop the bra," Dolly was in the thick of it, and a porn stud was in the thick of her. Everyone made out.
Dolly needs a massage. Bad. Her back is hurting. Man, did she go to the right place! But not for a massage. Steve begins the rubdown with cream. Seems professional, for a Brit anyway. He can't seem to keep away from her ass and butt crack while she's on her tummy. She flips over and he begins to work on her floppy, large tits. There's a lot of sweater meat to handle, rub and squeeze. Meanwhile the pressure in his bollocks is building. Dolly enjoys the rubdown even though she knows it's headed the wrong way, at least for her, if not the masseur. Steve is also a magician because his erection pops out of his pants while his groin is by Dolly's head. Quite mysterious, eh? She takes to sucking and jacking his pecker like they've been dating for three months. The massage goes to hell as they forego all pretense and fuck like bunnies in numerous positions. Amazingly, that table held up very well under the weight and PSI (pressure per square inch) of their co-joined bodies. Don't want any lawsuits, do we?
Dolly has a difficulty finding bras that fit her 36F flesh clappers. When she buys bras off the rack, she finds that the straps often cut into her shoulders. She has a large back and needs a properly fitting band. Dolly's solution is to try to get custom fitted for her bras. It adds an extra cost but it's worth it to her. Large-boobed women have their own special needs. We at XLGirls.com are more than happy to offer advice and comfort to busty ladies.
Dolly's tits have opened many doors. One of those doors was at the XLGirls studio in the UK. Dolly saw our website BeAScoreModel.com and felt she had the boob power. No argument there so she spent a few hours swinging her mams around the place. Dolly said she wears a 36G bra. She began to develop when she was 13 and her chest was always a big topic of conversation during her formative years. Dolly thought about breast reduction but is afraid of surgery and after seeing some operations on television (which until recently was censored) she has no desire to downsize, thank God. Just let us appreciate your melons, Dolly.
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