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Dayton Hines
If you haven't seen Dayton Hines talking to the SCORE Group staff about herself in her ultra-rare XLGirls video interview, we recommend you check it out. While Dayton seemed shy at first...newcomers are often bashful...she doesn't seem inhibited at all in this work-out session, our second ultra-rare Dayton Hines XLGirls.com video. We start off with our XLGirls cameraman, one hand on his camera, the other on his cable, asking Dayton questions about her DDD tits as she's using a ski-machine. Dayton wears a two piece outfit and is seriously stretching the fabric! Good Lord, this girl is built! Our guy wants to see more of her body so he asks her to take off her top. He tells Dayton to rub oil on her tits and massage it into her breast skin while he asks her more questions about her triple D cups. Yes, triple D. She squeezes and squooshes her massive jugs between her fingers, her breast-flesh making oily-squishing sounds. In a short time, she's totally naked and shiny with oil. Then he asks about using cock-toys, realistically molded cock-toys. Dayton has two of them with her, one is much bigger than the other. Dayton handles that big rubber dingus like it's no stranger to her. She's obviously fucked her pussy with toys before and enjoys it. Dayton rubs them all over her tits and sucks on them before she...well, you'll have to see it. This is the only Dayton Hines masturbation and oil jackin' video you'll find anywhere, anyplace. Trust us, this is it. Don't miss it! Running Time: 15:37
Dayton Hines
Get to know the real girl behind the XL Girl model in another one of our famous model video-interviews. Dayton Hines from Michigan was a 19 year-old student when she visited Voluptuous and XL Girls. She was persuaded by a male friend (not a boyfriend) to send her photos to us. He's an avid TSG magazine fan and thought we'd love Dayton. He was right. A photo-virgin, Dayton is pretty, busty, cuddly, curvy and sweet...a real girl, a good girl, the kind who works in that store near you, the kind you'll see in a club or sports bar getting her giggle on with her girls. In other words, Dayton's not a professional "adult entertainer." Our fearless editor Dave and camera slinger Pete chat with Dayton and get her to open up in this highly jackable combination interview, photo shoot and behind-the-scenes video that includes everyone's favorite activity, tape measuring! Dayton talks about her secret side and her life as a busty sweet thing in America's heartland. She even demonstrates her impressive flexibility. If you love TSG's candid, naked interviews, prepare to fall in love with Dayton Hines! Running Time: 27:30
Dayton Hines
"If I am really horny, I can masturbate for up to an hour," says Dayton. "I like the latex dick vibrators so I can pretend it's a cock. I don't need any lube. A few minutes of vibrating my clitoris and lips and I'm all wet and open. Now, when it comes to men, I will initiate things if I really like a guy. If I didn't, I might still be a virgin. I find that a lot of guys are shy and hesitant. Or they say weird things. The worst thing a guy said to me was 'Do you really think you should eat that?' The goofiest thing a guy has said to me so far was 'Girl, you look so good, I wanna pour milk all over you and make you part of my complete breakfast.' It was funny but it came out sounding kinda rehearsed."
Dayton Hines
"Dayton Hines is one hot lady," writes Thundergod. "She is one girl who would be fun to do just about anything with and to. Her beautiful eyes and lovely body are just spectacular. I am excited to hear she will be posing again. Maybe you could even convince her to do a XXX scene as well." That's often not easy, but we will give it a shot.
Dayton Hines
Birthday: June 25, 1984 Height: 5'3" Weight: 158 lbs. Measurements: 44-32-42 Bra Size: 38E Dress Size: 13-14 Lives: Lansing, Michigan How do you dress when you are out in public? "I wear sexy, low-cut tops, tight shirts and short skirts." Hobbies: Going to clubs, being outdoors. "I like to go to places where there's a lot of people and music like clubs or bars." Masturbate? "When I'm really horny I can masturbate for up to an hour."
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