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Daphne Carter
"I thought Daphne Carter looked hot when I saw her," A.S. believes. "She looks totally gorgeous. I don't know. Renee Ross has bigger tits (than almost anyone!), but there's something about the way Daphne looks that just pushes my buttons. I guess the girl is just my type!" A.S. is not the only guy who got his buttons pushed by Daphne. D.B. says that "Daphne Carter has been in my mind ever since XLGirls ran that Foxy Boxing set and video. It's a keeper for me. How I envy that bastard she fucked and sucked! I'd love to discover Daphne at a coffee shop or a book store, strike up a conversation and be invited to her place for the night. Well, that's my fantasy, anyway! She's my kind of girl. I don't like professional porn sluts and bitches. I like real girls, sweet girls, who dabble!"
Daphne Carter
Did you see Daphne Carter as the foxy boxer in her first XLGirls video? If not, you should. Daphne is off the chart. "I was talking to someone back home and he told me he fantasized about doing it in a park," Daphne said when she talked about herself during a break in the studio. "I liked him, so when I decided to fuck him, we went to a large park at night and we had sex right there. It was very private and quiet so no one saw us. When a man deserves it, I'll make him happy. I prefer a bedroom with a bathroom of course but this was about satisfying his fantasy not mine. I like to say that satisfying someone's fantasy is my fantasy. That's why I became a dancer and a model. I like to know that when a man looks at me, I'm making him horny. For this photo shoot, I wore the sluttiest outfit I had. I felt like a sexoholic! It was as much fun in a different way than the foxy boxing!"
Daphne Carter
Foxy boxer Daphne Carter is no XL Girl to be played with! When she enters the ring, she's prepared to knock the shit out of any poor sap with her knockout knockers. As soon as the bell rings, Daphne is pummeling the much hyped Commando with her swinging bazoomas. The tit-slammed stumblebum didn't have a chance the second the bell went off and takes a breast beating that's sure to worsen his brain damage. And then Daphne throws off the gloves, judo-flips him onto the canvas and fucks the remaining fight out of him. Now that's a foul! Daphne's using her big tits and tight pussy to throw this snatch match. She knows Commando is defenseless against dirty tricks like that! This fight is over by a TKO...a Titty Knock Out. No wonder they say that boxing is the sport of boobs. Running Time: 20:33
Daphne Carter
Do not mess with foxy boxer Daphne Carter! She'll knock the shit out of you with her knockout nipples. Don't believe what you read? Then let the pictures be the proof! Commando is toast as soon as he steps into the ring. As soon as the bell rings, Daphne is pummeling him with her bombastic boobs. First a right, then a left, then a right. How much more of this can the tit-slammed stumblebum take? He takes a breast beating that's about to drop him to the canvas in record time. And then Daphne throws off the gloves, gets his compass pointing north and fucks him senseless. Now that's cheating! That's a foul, using her big tits and tight pussy like that...on national TV yet. Whatever happened to sticking to The Queensberry rules? She can't use her tits like that! But Daphne can do whatever she wants. She's got the juggies and the juicy pie to win this snatch match! We call this match over by a TKO...a Titty Knock Out.
Daphne Carter
Daphne Carter is a dancer from Peoria, Illinois. Peoria is well known as a key representation of an American city reflecting mainstream cultural and political tastes. It's been called the test market capital of the United States by many businesses. It will now also be known as a bastion of big-boobs once everyone learns about Daphne. Her hobbies include karaoke, dancing, building computers, partying and now, showing her 36E-cups and spreading her legs for Scorelanders worldwide. "I like men who are direct about sex," said Daphne. She was a little nervous her first time in the studio but she warmed up. "It should be fun, not games. I'm going to know in a few seconds if I want to go to bed with someone and I'm going to let him know that in subtle ways. He should be able to pick up on my signals. Some guys are just hornier than average. That's the kind of guy I like. I guess that's why I was drawn to making adult videos and posing for magazines. It's a much more sexual environment and I like that kind of life. I have some really wild fantasies."
Daphne Carter
"My fantasies are pretty common, I think," says Daphne, a dancer from Illinois who debuted in June '09 Voluptuous. She reminds your editors a lot of Sabina Leigh in some ways. "I like thinking of men who take charge and go after what they want. In my erotic daydreams, I'm the sweet, innocent girl that meets a big, bad man. He takes advantage of me and gives me the sex of her life. We spend an entire weekend at a lodge or a motel and never leave the room, just fuck and enjoy each other's bodies for two straight days when we're not sleeping or ordering in food. We try new positions and play out fantasies, getting ideas from sex manuals and porn videos on TV. Of course, I bring along a suitcase full of sexy costumes. After the weekend's over, we go back to our separate lives but promise to call and hook-up again, no-strings. I like relationships too but no-string flings are very exciting to me."
Daphne Carter
See Daphne's big tits? They didn't grow on a diet of twigs and berries. She's a midwestern girl and she likes big, hearty meals with fried chicken, potatoes and corn on the cob. "I'm from Illinois and guys here like to see girls with big appetites. They get excited when they see us eat, and we get excited when they watch. They know a girl who likes to eat a lot, likes to fuck a lot. That's certainly true for me. In fact, I even like to eat while I have sex. It gives me the energy to go as hard and as long as I like."

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