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Charlotte Davis
Try as we could, we couldn't persuade, convince or otherwise influence the well stacked and busty Charlotte into doing some triple X with a surrogate cockslinger. We decided years ago not to ask if a model has a boyfriend she might agree to do the humpty-hump with on film. That's because in the past A) They have small dicks. B) They can't hold their semi-erections when the cameraman starts shooting. C) Their long, rock star hair tends to cover the girl. Boyfriends. Held in high esteem at XL Girls.com. So just creatively visualize a guy sticking his pole into her hole. In fact, you might as well just visualize yourself plugging Charlotte while you're at it. After all, that's what it's about, right? So we never did bother to ask Charlotte if she had a steady. Who needs the aggravation?
Charlotte Davis
"Guys will look at my tits and when I catch them looking, most of them will move their heads away and act like they weren't. Most of the time, I don't care. If I think he's cute, I'll tell him it's okay to look at them. Then the rest is up to him. I'm ready to listen and I've given him an opening. Guys have been staring at my tits all my life so I don't really mind. I kind of like it. I think if a woman has big tits and dresses to show them off like I do and she gets angry, then she's being a hypocrite. I believe all women like to be checked out. I didn't say harassed, I said looked at. There is a difference. I also think most guys become photographers so they can meet and come on to women. They may say it's a business but I don't believe them for a second."
Charlotte Davis
It seems surprising that Charlotte would subscribe to a newspaper. Most chicks don't. He should have photographed her shapely butt bending over to pick it up, but hey, that's life. Charlotte, a 5'4", 128-pound Michigander with a tremendous 42-26-36 rack. Our man in the field from XL Girls took these photos in Charlotte's apartment, the lucky bastard. (Not that he got any cootch later on. XL doesn't want that kind of filthy, raunchy, dirty sleazebag as a rep.) The end result was a nice series of highly horny photos with a lot of "come fuck-me" expressions. Charlotte is pretty good at making those kind of faces. Some girls look like they're posing for a high school yearbook photo.
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