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Carly Holt
Carly has already earned some fans and all she had to do was take off her clothes. Mr. H. was more vocal than the average and, of course, he's entitled to his opinion. He prefers shaved bald pussy. "Hooray for Carly. She is fucking sexy and that lace thing she was wearing was really hot. I don't even have a thing for brunettes but there is something really horny about Carly. I think she looks like the kind of girl who would fuck you. Like she is wild and aggressive. And her tits are so high and perky that I wanted to reach into the page and touch them. I would prefer her snatch clean and bare and ready for a big, fat dick. But other than that one thing, I want to give lots of kudos to you guys." Carly Holt is a student from Manchester, England. That's Ashley Sage Ellison's city also. Like all girls her age, Carly likes talking to friends on her mobile, dancing, clubbing and flirting with guys. There's nothing on her modeling data sheet about her liking biochemistry, calculus or social studies. That stuff's boring to a young girl full of hormones and wild oats. Hopefully Carly will continue to show off her great body for our cameras and not make this her one-time fling with naked anatomy.
Carly Holt
Carly Holt is a uni student and all-around girl-next-door from Manchester in northern England, where Ashley Sage Ellison lives too. The powers-that-be should consider changing the name of Manchester to Woman Chest-er. It looks like a great place to live, especially in the summer, if you love big-boobed girls. Like most babes her age, Carly likes shopping, talking to friends on her mobile, clubbing, flirting with guys and dancing. The usual girl-stuff. She's got a great body and full, big tits so she did what any normal girl with large breasts likes to do, take off her clothes and pose for pictures. Those boobs are the envy of her less-blessed friends. She's never weighed them but she knows they're 42 inches 'round and she can slip them into a 34DDD-cup brassiere. "I honestly don't know what they weigh but I know that they're heavy! And they draw the boys to me like bees. Always have!" says Carly, who was too shy and nervous to open her legs and show her coochie the first time out. That's okay, Carly, It's ultimately all about the boobs with us anyway. Some girls start off slow and easy and acclimatize themselves and others start off like a house on fire. We're sure that Carly will ignite before long. She has the makings of a scorcher.
Carly Holt
It's been exactly two years since Carly Holt's appeared in V-mag (July '11). She drops off the radar at times, taking time-outs from posing so overall, Carly does very little modeling. That's a shame because the Brit babe is a smoker and has exceptional curves and full, packed jugs in the Anglo-Saxon tradition. In this pictorial, our photographers lucked out with nice weather and they were able to get Carly just how we wanted her--outdoors. The Manchester native wears what looks like a bikini at first glance but is actually an unusual brassiere and panty set. Carly is also a nude model for artists. It's a very different kind of modeling from photography because she's in one position the whole time until the drawing is finished. Carly loves shopping, Chinese and Italian food, her pink phone, Eastenders, surfing the web, going out with girlfriends to Syndicate in Blackpool and she reveals that the doggie position is her favorite. From behind hits all the right spots and her hanging tits can be fondled. She knows what's good for her!

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