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Busty Tina
Busty Tina sports a thick bush and has very thick pussy lips. She could have shaved her pussy but we didn't want her to. "Sometimes I am shaved and other times I grow my hair," Tina said about her triangle of fluff. We asked her to stay nice and hairy. Tina is a middle-aged lady in Germany and being a naked amateur model is fulfilling her horny personal dreams. "I like when men enjoy seeing my body and want me," says Tina. "This excites me. I enjoy sticking vibrators and other nice long things into my pussy. The deeper the better. When I masturbate I think about a hot man." Tina likes to take walks, listen to pop and folk music, watch movies, read erotic novels by Henry Miller and Anais Nin, go for outdoor activities on nice, sunny days or just stay home and fuck her husband's brains out. Tina likes going to a swingers' club now and then and attracts considerable attention. She's proud of her big tits and meaty pussy and enjoys the pleasure they give breast-men. Our kind of woman.
Busty Tina
In the '90's lots of Voluptuous models from all over kept their pussies bushy. Neatly trimmed but bushy. Except for a few like Hairy Mary (June '98 V-Mag) but that's another story. Now it's busty German Milf time. Tina is a middle-aged woman living in Berlin and she could have easily fit into that decade with her bush and her thick pussy lips. She could have shaved for this but we didn't want her to. She's an office clerk and being a model is fulfilling her personal dreams. Sexually, that's another story. You have to watch out for these quiet office clerks. Tina is a swinger who goes to swing and swap clubs on a regular basis. "I had sex with 20 people watching me. That was a very kinky and memorable night for me," Tina remembered. And when she's not at swinger clubs, she takes things into her own hands nightly. "When I masturbate, I think about a hot man fucking me. But I don't dream about sex. I just do it. I will telephone a man and tell him to come over and come to bed with me. If he cannot, I will call another man. I am assertive. At work, I just work. But away from work, I am another woman. Seeing myself in Voluptuous is another way of expressing my sexuality and feeling erotic." Welcome to the big show, Busty Tina. See her video in Voluptuous Theater.
Busty Tina
Tina (April '09 Voluptuous) doesn't normally shower like this every morning. The German Milf wants to make breast-men happy. When the hand-held shower head was invented, the designers had to have known what women like Tina would do with them. A sales manager in Berlin, her hobbies are reading, watching movies, walking and sex, and not in that exact order. She likes Asian food, red wine and chocolate. Tina keeps her activities low-key and private. "I wear eyeglasses and men say that makes me look like a librarian," Tina claims. Tina feels she is entering the horniest phase of her life and that's one of the main reasons she decided to get into the hyper-sexual adult scene. If she goes out in the evening after work, she dresses as sexy as she can and flaunts her chest. When the mood strikes, she'll visit a swingers club with her partner. "I have big tits and a very big clit," says Tina. "So at these parties, I attract a lot of attention." Running Time: 20:31

Voluptuous April 2009
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