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Bunny Michelle
Bunny Michelle. Now this is our kind of honey bunny. Do you know what those unbelievably massive knockers can do to you? "I always wear a bra to bed," Bunny says. "My boobs are too big to sleep comfortably without a bra." Bunny says her idea of a favorite day would be "Breakfast in bed, a massage, a walk downtown and maybe a movie." She's an assertive girl in bed. "Most of the time I initiate sex because I like to make a guy nice and hard and teased before I give him a taste of me. I need sex at least twice a week, or more depending on how I feel. I like my partners to give me a lot of attention on my breasts and clit. I also like a threesome now and then to add variety to my life. I don't have any fetishes although I meet a lot of people who do. I do meet guys who are obsessed with big breasts and like to be smothered and have tits rubbed all over their bodies. They love tit fucking too. I can just about hide any size cock between my breasts. It just gets lost in there, baby."
Bunny Michelle
A dedicated muncher can easily spend a week sucking and licking Bunny Michelle's nipples, after he first spends a week simply gazing upon her twin mountains. One time a guy walked over to Bunny Michelle and said "Baby, call a doctor because you put a hurt on me" She thought it was pretty funny as opposed to the guy who said to her "You've got some nice cans." That she didn't like. Like the men she dates, Bunny enjoys a lot of breast sex. "I like having my nipples licked and sucked before and during sex," Bunny says.
Bunny Michelle
Bunny Michelle is a sweet-voiced babydoll from Sin City. This is her first time on XLGirls.com. She's 5'9" and 190 lbs. worth of succulent female flesh. Sexy Bunny has huge 46H hangers. The funniest pick-up line a guy ever said to her was "Baby, call the doctor because you put a hurt on me!" Why you could spend hours just sucking her nipples. She has enough boob meat to please the most critical breast-lover. Bunny Michelle wears a corset in this video that props her titties high and up, just the way you like 'em. Running Time: 12:37
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