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Boob prejudice is a sickening fact of life. Please help to stamp it out. Just read what Bre has to say. It's enough to make a grown man jack. "By sixth grade, I was already in a D-cup bra, and everybody said I stuffed my bra. I would get so mad, and I would start crying because I was so little. I was really, really little, and all these girls were tall and lanky, and I was short and cute with boobs, and they had no boobs at all. One time, we were at this pep rally and all these guys were saying, 'You stuff your bra! You stuff it with toilet paper!' I lifted up my shirt and I said, 'Yeah, that's right. I stuff it with my titties.' I got in trouble and got suspended. I was always getting in trouble in school. That's why I had to do home school. I would always get sent to ISS [in-school suspension] for wearing little skirts and little tops. I hated school because I always got into trouble for no reason, because of what I wore."
"I don't have any girlfriends. My boobs made me the most-hated girl in school. Most of the girls where I went to school were kind of ugly. They didn't know how to carry themselves sexy and dress sexy, and I was always wearing short booty shorts, short little skirts, tight little tops. They hated that, and I still don't have any girlfriends to this day. And I think the girls that are my friends, they're really not my friends 'cause they're jealous."
Bre soaps up them big ol' titties with a shower in our plushy models' dressing room. She's a good one, and a lot of fun in the studio with a great gung-ho attitude. Nice boobs too, we almost forgot to add. Look for a Bre interview on XL Girls next month. She says she owns at least 20 bras (36DDD, buckos) and will buy no particular brand, just anything that fits comfortably and looks pretty. She prefers bras that hook in the back, and she doesn't wear one if she doesn't have to. Who among you would not want to go bra shopping with her, unless you've been married to her for ten years. Bre says the advantages of having big breasts are 1) "You always get attention." 2) "You always win wet T-shirt contests." In all, a fantastic, voluptuous girl.
Do you go braless because of the way it feels or because you like the attention you get? Bre: Both. I like the feeling of my nipples rubbing against a cotton shirt, especially when the wind blows, and I like the looks and stares. Do you like having big tits? Bre: I love having big tits. Of course, I've always had them, so I wouldn't know any other way. You have big tits and brains. Bre: Well, I don't like to brag, but I graduated high school when I was 16, and now I'm in my senior year of college. I'm going to get my degree in pre-law, and I'll be attending law school as soon as possible. What kind of lawyer do you want to be? Bre: Criminal. I've always found that interesting, although I'm not sure what side I want to be on. You could just walk up to the defendant, flash your boobs... Bre: And they'll be confessing and I'll win, even if he's not guilty! Maybe I can show my boobs during the closing statement and do a little dance!
Glory be! We mean glory Bre! She is only 19 years-old and a new discovery. How do we find 'em? It takes dedication, determination and directness. 5'2" tall, weighing 130 pounds, measuring 36-26-36 and wrapping a 36DDD bra around her heavy facewarmers, Bre hails from Georgia. Bre isn't afraid of a little hard work and knows her way around wood. Speaking of wood, there's a little pounding we'd all like to be doing right about now. Bre does some amazing things with tools here that you will never see on TV's 'Home Improvement.' Watch her build a brick shithouse. The idea that guys are going to be looking at her pictures with one hand on the mouse and one hand on the trouser snake is something she finds flattering and exciting. "I know what guys are gonna be doing, and I think it's awesome! I masturbate thinking about hot guys, so what's the big deal?"
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