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This Romanian sweater stretcher living in Frankfurt, Germany says she would like to move to America one day and settle in one of the western states. She has grown tired of Europe and doesn't care for life in Germany. When she is out in public, men stare at her, walk into her or pinch her ass on crowded buses and in crowded shops. Men have touched her boobs in movie theaters and on buses. She would slap them but she doesn't want to touch them. She said a pervert once pulled his car over to the curb and called her over asking for directions. When she approached and looked down, she was disgusted to see that he had his cock out of his fly and was pulling on it. Andy now carries pepper spray.
Another European (Romania), Andy first gave us a woodie back in V-Mag of March '98. She now lives in Frankfurt, Germany, where she owns and runs a maid service. She's now 25 years-old, stands 5'4" weighs 138 lbs., measures 42-29-38 and wears a size 36DD bra. Although not in the same breast division as Chloe or Michelle, Andy should pose more but wants to concentrate on her cleaning service. She could probably rake in the really big bucks if she did it in the buff, but she'd have to factor in the cost of a bodyguard.
Back once again to buxotic Europe and another peep at the outstanding Andy, a Romanian chick who first gave us a woodie back in March '98. She now lives in Frankfurt, Germany, and says she owns and runs a maid service in that historic city. Well, Andy can clean our bedroom anytime, although the travel expenses would be astronomical. So, we'll stick to enjoying her wonderful bod and face in this in-your-lap pictorial. She's 24 years-old, stands 5'4" weighs 138 lbs. (probably 10 lbs. worth of titties, judging by these pics), measures 42-29-38 and unhooks a size 36DD bra. We should play all of these above numbers in the lottery, because Andy makes us feel pretty lucky, and that's what it's all about. She has an ass made for slapping and hard beef injections. Now that she's the big shot head of her own maid service, we're hearing the usual threats about not wanting to pose anymore. Well, Andy, when you get tired of screaming at your employees for being no-call, no-show, you just give our European correspondent a phone call, and throw your lingerie and heels in your travel bag, because getting into a doggie pose on a comfy bed for our cameras is a lot better than scrubbing a stranger's loo (that's toilet for our American SCORELAND members).
Andy was managing a small maid's service (the company was small, not the maids) in Germany when an agent took note of Andy's big chest and passed that note along to the SCORE Studio. Andy's maids were real maids, not those naughty maids that semi-clean wearing stripper's costumes, and they didn't look like sexy juggies but Andy did. SCORE managed to get an invitation to model over to Andy who thought about it for a few weeks and then agreed to posing nude in London. We expected Andy to say no but to our surprise, she said yes. A very conservative businesswoman, Andy doesn't mess with toys or boys on camera but she's cool with total nakedness. She's 5'4" weighs 138 lbs., measures 42-29-38 and wears a 36DD bra. After making arrangements to cover her maid's business for a few days, Andy took a quick flight to the UK from Deutschland. In this SCOREVideo, Andy slowly, slowly undresses in the model's shower room (she has a lot to take off including stockings) and once down to bare skin, takes a long, soapy shower, the kind of l-o-n-g, s-l-o-w shower that women just stop taking after they get engaged and married. We've got to hand it to Andy. She really puts the word "show" in shower.
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