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The first four years of XL Girls presented girls who also appeared in Voluptuous magazine, such as Eve Tyler and Laura Bailey, often in a section called "Plumper of the Month." The popularity of Plumper of the Month led to the idea of a spin-off magazine that only featured larger ladies. But would it sell? There were no magazines that focused entirely on them. Reader feedback and the fraternal nature of the guys hot for this kind of girl (as the editor of XL Girls magazine put it) was a powerful motivating force in publishing the first issue as a special edition. As the years moved on, we began to seek out models specifically for XL Girls.
Here's a trip down Mammary Lane with Anastasia, a sloe-eyed Latvian. The brunette stunner was born in Klaipeda, Latvia and was discovered working as a barmaid in Prague, Czech Republic. She was spotted by a contributing photographer who made frequent trips to her native country. She chatted Anastasia up and they clicked. Sometimes a female photographer will succeed when a male would have failed. As a model, Anastasia should have been more acclaimed than she was considering her ample assets. From what she once wrote in a note, she had no acclaim shortage in Prague from the local boob-dogs. "My customers at the pub always try to bed me. This I understand, so I do not fault them. Men are men. I prefer to meet my new lovers in other places. I do not want the customers where I work to talk about me...."
Anastasia: She is from Klaipeda, Latvia and is a barmaid now in Prague, Czech Republic where one of our shooters discovered her. Anastasia is 22 years-old, born September, 23, 1979. The huge-breasted discovery had never modeled professionally but our SCORE rep chatted her into it... Very impressive XL stats: height: 5'5" tall 161 lbs. and measurements of 46-26-36. "My customers at the pub always try to bed me. This I understand, so I do not fault them. Men are men. I prefer to meet my new lovers in other places ? I do not want the customers where I work to talk about me like I am a common kurva [Czech slang for slut]. Any man who wants to sleep with me must have a fat and long chuj [cock]. I love big koule [balls]. He must be able to satisfy me for hours at a time. Anyone who can't fill my needs the first night will never get into my bed again. I am not a forgiving woman. I am not looking for suitors to write me love letters, say pretty words and give me flowers. I look for strong sex partners."
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