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Adrianna weighs around 138 lbs., stands 5'4", and measures 42-28-38. Born June 6, A Czech, Adrianna is like any other single bird during the weekend. Like her western European, British and American cousins, she's out clubbing and getting shit-faced with her girlfriends while they dance with men and decide whether or not to have a bootycall. It's comforting to realize that there are no cultural differences in this respect. Adrianna cannot walk down the street for long before some slimebag makes lecherous comments about her chest. That's why she wears the lowest-cut tops she can buy.
"Why did I get tongue jewelry?" asks new discovery Adrianna from the Czech Republic? "To give more pleasure to a man when I give him sex with my mouth." Good answer. The Czech Republic has two great things going for it. Beer and babes. Adrianna is the latest in a wave of V-Mag models from eastern Europe, primarily the Czech Republic. She won't be the last. Will the US and the UK get their asses kicked in the output of full-busted girls by this little country? A slew of photographers have descended on this nation in search of hot women and they're finding them in every category, from big tits to teens. Adrianna weighs 138 lbs., stands 5'4", and measures 42-28-38. She's 22, born June 6, 1981. It's only natural that we'd find her.
Adrianna has a glint in her eyes that spells sex. It's not the posing, it's not the positions. It's that sparkle in her face that tells you she loves fucking and sucking cock. It's a look that can't be manufactured. A girl either has it or she doesn't. Our photographer audiotaped Adrianna during a meal break. "I study sex education. On my own, not in a university. I study on my own. I am thinking of becoming a sexologist. I love sex and I think about sex matters all the time. I am not ashamed to take pictures with vibrators. In my country [Czech Republic], boys and girls learn the basics of sexual anatomy and physiology in school. Sex hygiene, contraception and safe sex practices are taught only rarely. I learned that 45 percent of males and 35 percent of females learned about sex from each other. Very few learned from their parents. Even though this is a very religious country, there are studies that claim that 98 percent of females have sexual intercourse before marriage. I think more studies are needed in sex matters in my country. There is more to learn. Our society is changing very fast."
Is this Pole-Land? No, we're back in the Czech Republic again to czech out Adrianna, a girl who cannot walk down the street for more than a few minutes before some lothario makes improper comments about her chest measurements. That's why she often carries a brick in her purse.
The palm trees and scenic background in the photographic backdrop were, by odd coincidence, a tip-off to Adrianna's fantasy. "I want to visit Hawaii for maybe two or three weeks," says Adrianna, helped in translation by our photographer. This is very expensive. I am trying to save for this. I dream of walking on the beaches of Maui and Kauai, eating the local foods at a luau and making love in a beautiful hotel at sunset with the windows open to see the night approaching. I read everything I can find about Hawaii and look for programs on TV. So this is my fantasy. I hope one day it will come true." Chicks. What's wrong with them? This sounds like a colossal waste of time, energy and money.
Adrianna is like any other young stuff during the weekend. Like her western European or American cousins, she's out clubbing and getting shit-faced with her girlfriends while they look at guys and decide whether or not to have a bootycall. It's comforting that there are no cultural differences in this respect.
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